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Do Latinas Like White Guys?

We asked Latina girls, watched their vlogs on YouTube, and read plenty of social researches to find the answer to the question “Do Latinas like white guys?”


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We understand that even this question itself generalizes things. We also realize that there cannot be the right question to this answer, just because this is very subjective. Moreover, we also found out that the opinions of Latina bloggers, regular Latinas, and opinions of respondents who took part in social surveys about Latina/white relationships are often a bit different and sometimes even contradictory.

Nevertheless, the research we have made allowed us to understand that there were some similar opinions about relationships with white men. More importantly, it allowed us to understand the reasons why Latina women liked white guys, at least, in most cases. So, let us talk about the white/Hispanic mutual attraction issue in more detail.

Do Latina-White marriages actually work out?

In 2015, there were more than 670,000 people who "tied the knot" with partners of different races. Sharing similar values, people decide to establish relationships, not giving that much attention to the disparities in their cultural backgrounds. When comparing relationship satisfaction of monoethnic and Latina-White couples, there is no difference between them because, in general, it always depends on partners' readiness to adapt to each other's views.

Moreover, some researchers suggest people of different races have better relationship quality and efficacy. Partaking in the partner's culture makes a beneficial impact on the development of a connection between a man and a woman. Thus, when you demonstrate readiness to accept your lady's traditions – you can be confident that you're moving in the right direction.

To see proof of the mentioned information, you might look at the famous interracial couples. For example, Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso have been happily married since 2005. Vin Diesel also found himself a Latina lover, Paloma Jimenez, who is a successful model. Another great example is a couple of Anthony Hopkins and a Colombian actress, Stella Arroyave. Thus, if such relationships worked out for these men, why not give it a shot?

Why do Latina women date white guys?

Is this even important? Why look for the answer to this question? Well, let us start with the figures. Since 1970, the number of Hispanics married to non-Hispanics has tripled, reaching over 1.5 million in 2000. By 2008, the intermarriage rate for native-born Latinos was 52.5% with 90% of those marriages being with non-Hispanic whites. Moreover, of the 275,500 new interracial or interethnic marriages in 2010, 43 percent are white/Latino couples, the most common type of intermarriage couple.

Basically, this is the answer. Stats show that yes, Latinas like white guys and marry them, as well as Latino men date and marry white women, actually (the number of Hispanic men and women marrying someone out of their ethnicity is almost equal.) But what are the reasons? What makes white guys attractive in the eyes of Latin women? We did the research, asked Latinas, watched some vlogs, and here is what we found out.

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The first reason mentioned in the social studies, as well as by YouTubers, is white men’s intelligence. Basically, according to the results of our research, there are two kinds of Latinas: those who just like the intelligence of white guys and admit that, and those who note that as women of color, they did not really hope to date white men, but rather view interracial dating as an alternative to a preferable same-race partnership. In addition, Qian and Lichter (2007) include that highly educated Hispanics are more likely to be in inter-ethnic marriages with a white spouse.

In part, this explains why we have such stats when it comes to intermarriages. It is no secret that a man’s intelligence and education are some of the main factors that make a man attractive. And here is the deal: unfortunately, there are fewer educated men among Latinos as in the US as in most countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. That is why those who consider semi-ethnic marriage to be preferable one note that intelligence and the level of education can make them change their opinion and date and marry a white guy.

White men’s looks

We used to think that white men are attracted to Latina women because of their looks. This is the big issue to discuss, mostly because Latinas consider their image to be hypersexualized and unified to a curvy girl with dark eyes, dark hair, full lips, and sexy clothes, but we will focus on another, pretty unexpected thing. Some Latinas note that they like the way white guys look, too.

Pale skin, fair hair, blue or green eyes are more exotic to Latinas, and this makes white guys more attractive. Of course, the looks of Latina girls are attractive to white men, too. So, we have a kind of match here. Please note that it is a generalization based on the opinions of some Latin women, and we do not claim that every girl would prefer to date a white guy just because of his appearance. This just may be one of the things that, along with other things, including the above-mentioned intelligence and good education can make a Latina date and then marry someone outside their own ethnicity.

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What about using white men because they have good credit?

Some may say that any of the things we mentioned before is not really important and cannot explain why Latinas like white guys. They may also assume that their desire to date a man who has good credit and is kind of rung on a social ladder. Simply put, there are a lot of people who think that a white guy is a good run for a Latina. Some of them note that Latinas who date white guys often face such prejudices. The interesting fact that people in both societies, Latin and American, are likely to think that a pretty Latina is using an older man to get more opportunities, more money, better standards of living, etc.

Hence, Latina women often need to resist the pressure of both social groups and pay no attention to rumors and whispering of some people who surround them. Of course, it is not always the case – most ladies note that they do not want to get any financial or social benefits from dating a white guy. A man’s strengths, views, attitude toward certain issues, lifestyle, looks, and other things can be a reason to build a relationship with him and not a particular ethnicity. The desire to get certain advantages from an interethnic relationship rarely becomes a reason to start them. It is rather a reason not to do it. Still, if a Latina does like a man, it will hardly stop her on her way to happiness.

So do Latinas like white guys?

After all, as some Latinas note, “it makes sense that people who share similar values and ideas would fall in love, even if they might come from different cultures or racial backgrounds.” Yes, our research has shown that there are certain things Latina likes about white guys, and intelligence is the most important of them. Moreover, all of them have different tastes and just like men of another ethnicity more. There is nothing weird about it.

Of course, there is no doubt that Latinas like white guys, but the crucially important thing that they can like a man because of his personality, traits, qualities, and looks. This is no different from the things that usually make us fall in love with anyone, regardless of his or her age, ethnicity, social status, etc. Stats prove that such kinds of marriages are really popular, but white guys who want to date Latinas should not think that this means that they can get any Latina they want. Simply put, if you want to date a Latina, you need to attract her with your personality. Other methods will hardly work.

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