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Top 9 Hot Ecuador Girls To Follow On Instagram

Slim, Sexy and Sultry: TOP-10 Hot Ecuadorian Girls From Instagram


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Who hasn’t heard about hot Ecuador women? Only those who have been living under a rock have no idea how seductive and mesmerizing they can be. However, if you are one of those people who have not realized how sexy Ecuadorian women are, this page is right for you.

First, you need to know that Ecuadorian women are recognized as some of the most beautiful on an international level. For example, in 2011 Fernanda Cornejo, an Ecuadorian model, received the prestigious title of Miss International (one of the four biggest beauty pageants in the world). In 2011 and 2016, Olga Álava and Katherine Espín respectively won the title of Miss Earth (another major beauty contest). As you can see, hot Ecuador women have gained a lot of attention.

Second, we will show you the beauty of ordinary and some special Ecuadorian women on Instagram. Why? Because you need to see some down-to-earth examples and not only posh and fancy ones like beauty contests. We have searched through the entire Instagram to bring you the list of TOP sexiest Ecuador women that you can follow on Instagram. Check them out now, and maybe you will fall in love with the beauty of Ecuadorian women once and for all.

Alexandra Andrade

  • Instagram: @alekem2.0
  • Date of birth: March 13
  • Number of followers: 125k
  • Occupation: independent model
  • Current place of living: Ecuador

Alexandra is one of the hot Ecuadorian girls that we think you have a right to know about. She is an independent model and has an Instagram account full of sultry photos. Alexandra has brown dyed hair, beautiful green eyes that under certain light look hazel or brown, sun-kissed skin, and a bootylicious body. From her abs, one can see that she invests a lot of her time into work out.

Alexandra posts a lot of alluring photos in sexy bikinis and beautiful underwear and sometimes goes even further to posting nudes (to the extent nudes are permitted on Instagram). She seems to currently reside in Ecuador – a place, where thousands of other gorgeous women live.

hot latin girl Alexandra Andrade
hot latin woman Alexandra Andrade
pretty latin girl Alexandra Andrade
beautiful latin girl Alexandra Andrade

Fer Moreno

  • Instagram: @mafermoreno1
  • Date of birth: N/A
  • Number of followers: 43.7k
  • Occupation: Instagram model
  • Current place of living: Ecuador

Fer Moreno is an Instagram model, who hypnotizes with her fantastic body. This Ecuadorian model has ample blossom, dyed blonde hair, brown eyes, and cute facial features. She always has great eye makeup, loves applying red lipstick and showing off with her features.

Be careful with her, though. She has a husband and a child. Although it should not be an obstacle for us to keep an eye on her.

hot latin girl Fer Moreno
hot latin woman Fer Moreno
pretty latin girl Fer Moreno
beautiful latin girl Fer Moreno

Diana Guevara

  • Instagram: @la_diannita
  • Date of birth: N/A
  • Number of followers: 88.8k
  • Occupation: model
  • Current place of living: Ecuador

We are sure thousands of men all over the world would place Diana on top of the hot Ecuador women list. Just look at her! She has got everything – seductive curves, fit abs, blonde hair, plump lips, and super sexy green eyes.

She is not shy of her body, by contrast, she shows off with it here and there. Diana has a large fan base – almost 90 thousand followers. We understand them very well. Who would not want to see such a beauty in their feed every day?

hot latin girl Diana Guevara
hot latin woman Diana Guevara
pretty latin girl Diana Guevara
beautiful latin girl Diana Guevara

Samantha Mieles

  • Instagram: @samantha_mieles
  • Date of birth: N/A
  • Number of followers: 400k
  • Occupation: Instagram model
  • Current place of living: Ecuador

Samantha Mieles is a super-popular Ecuadorian model. This lady has everything one needs – height, fabulous body, cute face, and gorgeous hair. Samantha is a sultry brunette with a snow-white smile and plump cherry lips. This hot Ecuadorian girl is very positive and shares only inspiring posts. She has a fanbase of over 400 thousand people on Instagram and it is a very impressive number.

She also has a child. Do you like mamacitas like Samantha? We definitely do. She is another great example of how charming and seductive Ecuadorian women can be.

hot latin girl Samantha Mieles
hot latin woman Samantha Mieles
pretty latin girl Samantha Mieles
beautiful latin girl Samantha Mieles

Andreina Bravo

  • Instagram: @andreinabravoo
  • Date of birth: N/A
  • Number of followers: 377k
  • Occupation: Instagram model
  • Current place of living: Ecuador

Have you ever seen an Ecuadorian Shakira? Here she is! Andreina Bravo, a promising Instagram model with over 377 thousand followers, looks a lot like a Colombian singer. She has long blonde hair, large intense dark eyes, and a cute face. Can she dance like Shak? You judge by yourself after watching the videos in her profile.

She experiments with her appearance quite a lot. Once Andreina posted photos of herself wearing African braids. And it suited her a lot. Be careful, you may fall for her. Alas! She has got a boyfriend.

hot latin girl Andreina Bravo
hot latin woman Andreina Bravo
pretty latin girl Andreina Bravo
beautiful latin girl Andreina Bravo

Mayra Jaime Maldonado

  • Instagram: @mayrajoficial
  • Date of birth: N/A
  • Number of followers: 1.2m
  • Occupation: Instagram model
  • Current place of living:

What about Ecuadorian Margot Robbie in the role of Harley Quinn? Mayra Jaime Maldonado would suit this position very well. One of the top hot Ecuadorian girls has blonde hair, dark eyes, prominent cheekbones, and a very sexy body. Mayra is very fit and from her photos, you can see she works out a lot.

She used to have red and dark hair a few months ago. Change for the blonde has been great for her, so, dear Mayra, if you are reading this, please, keep it up!

hot latin girl Mayra Jaime Maldonado
hot latin woman Mayra Jaime Maldonado
pretty latin girl Mayra Jaime Maldonado
beautiful latin girl Mayra Jaime Maldonado

Madelin Prohaño

  • Instagram: @madelinlis
  • Date of birth: May 2
  • Number of followers: 75.1k
  • Occupation: law student, Instagram model
  • Current place of living: Ecuador

Madelin is a very hot Ecuador young woman. Take a second to acknowledge she is a gem! She has jet-black hair, long thin nose, red lips, and dark eyes. Her body speaks its own language with those curves. Just look!

Madelin says in her bio she is a law student. Well, we wish more lawyers like this in the future! Passionate, positive, and of course good looking. We all wish we could be like you, Madelin.

Fabiana Noboa

  • Instagram: @_fabiana.noboa_
  • Date of birth: January 19, 1998
  • Number of followers: 391k
  • Occupation: TV-host, Instagram model
  • Current place of living: Ecuador

Does the name Fabiana derive from the word «fabulous»? Even if not, we believe it is so because the next hot Ecuador woman we are going to talk about is indeed fabulous. Fabiana Noboa is an Ecuadorian TV-host and Instagram model with almost 400 thousand followers. She loves sport, posts a lot of pictures from her workout, and sport-related hobbies, as well as shares many other private pictures.

Fabiana has a very unusual face. It’s pretty wide yet she looks cute. She also has wide dark eyebrows and large dark eyes. Her long dark hair makes her hot and interesting.

hot latin girl Fabiana Noboa
hot latin woman Fabiana Noboa
pretty latin girl Fabiana Noboa
beautiful latin girl Fabiana Noboa

Conny Garcés

  • Instagram: @connygrces
  • Date of birth: August 16, 1995
  • Number of followers: 242k
  • Occupation: commercial engineer, former TV-presenter, model
  • Current place of living: Ecuador

Conny is a true Ecuadorian beauty queen. She is pretty tall, slim, has very nice facial features (well, as most of the hot Ecuadorian women do). We do not know what she does as a commercial engineer, as stated in her bio, but we are happy with Conny being an Instagram model.

Conny’s dark wavy hair gives her a special charm. Don’t you think so?

Alejandra Argudo

  • Instagram: @ale_argudo
  • Date of birth: July 31, 1992
  • Number of followers: 80k
  • Occupation: model, traveller, Miss Ecuador 2014
  • Current place of living: Mexico

If you think a typical Latina is the one with honey-hued skin, dark eyes, dark hair, and curvaceous body, we have to tell you that Latinas are much more diverse. Alejandra Argudo, a famous Ecuadorian model and beauty pageant titleholder, has light brown hair, light green eyes, fair skin, and a slim body. Alejandra is very beautiful and if we compared women to seasons in a year, Alejandra would definitely be late summer or early fall.

hot latin girl Alejandra Argudo
hot latin woman Alejandra Argudo
pretty latin girl Alejandra Argudo
beautiful latin girl Alejandra Argudo

This was TOP-10 of the hot Ecuador girls that you can follow on Instagram. Hope after this review your Instagram feed got enriched by the beauty of these Ecuadorian ladies.

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