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How To Date A Latina – Tips And Recommendations

There are no special rules to follow when dating a Latina, but there are some really useful recommendations that can help you win her heart.


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The main problem in dating someone outside your ethnicity is the inability to consider all the national differences between you. However, despite the fact that it is impossible to predict and consider everything, there are some main points that can allow you to avoid the most common mistakes and improve your chance to win a Latina’s heart. Besides, there is nothing super complicated about this, so if you want to know how to date a Latina, just keep reading – we have some tips for you.

How to date a Latina – top 6 tips

So, is there any special knowledge that would help you make a good impression on a Latina? Well, we can provide the answers, but we cannot avoid generalizations, so please, consider this when reading this post. Below, you can find the tips that may help you to avoid mistakes when dating a regular Latina girl and understand her a bit better, but you should also consider her own personality traits, too.

1. Go straight over

Firstly, we need to clarify one thing. We don’t recommend men to rush things, be pushy or aggressive. We don’t also recommend making those dirty jokes and giving nasty “compliments.” However, if you catch a Latina’s eye, you should not dwell in it or keep catching her eye – the best strategy is to go straight over.

The thing is the Latin culture is more direct. If you like a girl, and if she lets you understand that she likes you, too, do not hesitate to make the first move. Send the first message or buy a girl a drink, make contact and enjoy a great conversation.

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2. Do not try to act like Latin guys

You can turn something in your biggest advantage if it is natural. We mean, silent, mysterious, and a bit aggressive Russian can seem mysterious and sexy, a classy, fit, blonde German in a business suit can be hot too, and Latin guys can make girls go crazy about them due to their emotions and passions. However, when a hot Latin pretends to be a cold Russian, a cold Russian pretends to be a rational German, and a German pretends to be someone else, we get a weird mix of lack of confidence, awkwardness, and ridiculousness.

Latina girls note that what they expect from men in one of Latin countries is completely different from what they expect from a western guy. We mean, if a Latin guy approaches a girl in a bar and says something hot, passionate, and romantic, it sounds natural and is usually accepted and even appreciated. When a Western guy does the same, for example, says something like, “Your eyes are like diamonds, I can’t resist them, you are the most beautiful woman in the whole world,” a girl will hardly like this. Consider your mentality, origin, and heritage, and turn it into your advantage.

3. Try not to be nervous

We understand that telling someone something like “Don’t be nervous” is likely to make him even more nervous, but there is one important thing you need to understand about Latina women. You confidence expressed in body language, in your voice, in your smile, matters even more that things you actually say.

They say love is chemistry, and in this case, inner strength and confidence are the key ingredients. Do not try to be someone else; do not pretend to be better, stronger, bigger than you are. Such a kind of men’s behavior has nothing to do with any of the above-mentioned qualities. Relax and be yourself, and that is likely to be enough to pique her interest.

4. Lack of interest is no good, too

Yes, if you are a Western guy, most Latinas don’t expect you to act like Latin men. They don’t expect you to be super passionate, emotional, and extremely romantic, but it doesn’t mean that you can be passive. As we mentioned before, the way you move, the way you talk, and the way you look at a woman matter more than anything else.

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You do not need to try to hug her if you just met her in a bar, but if it is a date, eye and physical contact are very important. A girl in Colombia or Argentina can think that you just do not like her if you avoid looking and her, touching her hand or hugging her.

5. Pay, it is okay

Do you remember that we noted that anything we say here is generalization? So, do not blame us for what we are going to say now. Most of these countries are pretty conservative; not when it comes to dating or premarital sex, but when it comes to gender roles. It is often considered as machismo in a lot of countries, but the fact is, a man paying the bill is just a part of courtship in Latin America.

Local guys just don’t allow women to pay, and they prefer not to turn that into a problem and just agree to have those man-pays-all dates. As a socially accepted norm, such a role model continues to exist and is socially accepted. Hence, most girls will expect a guy to pay, not because they are greedy or something like that, but it is considered normal behavior.

6. Respect her culture, but do not pretend to know everything about it

There is a fine line between respecting someone’s culture and pretending that you know a lot about it. A lot of Latinas note that they hate it when foreigners invite them to dance Salsa, ask them to say something in Spanish, claim that they know the best Spanish/Colombian/Mexican restaurant in the city, etc. However, they rather view it as the fetishizing of their culture - not only of their bodies, looks, and sexuality, but also of their food, music, and aesthetics.

By the way, special attention should be paid to dances. Some recommend single men to meet Latina at the dance or take a Latina girl you already like to a place where you can dance. Well, if you are 100% sure that you know how to move, this may work. But even you doubt that you will look well in such kind of situation, do not do it – this will not make her like you. That will do exactly the opposite.

Final thoughts

So, is dating a Latina different from dating a Western girl? Generally speaking, yes, it is. Some of the tips can be used in any country of the world (for example, all women like confident men), and some work particularly for Latinas. Still, you will hardly go wrong with any of them, especially if you take into account a girl’s personality traits, priorities, and tastes.

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