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Can long-distance relationships work?

So is it possible for the mail order relationship to work out? Yes. And here are a few reasons.

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Not everyone supports the idea of a long-distance relationship. Can it actually survive and grow into a serious love? Although being in a long distance relationship is hard, there are a lot of successful examples that prove the opposite: those happy international couples who have met on the dating sites and continued their relationships in real life, creating families and moving on in life together.

Reason 1. You are a mystery to each other

There is always a special intrigue when you meet online. You don’t see each other much. Video calls can’t entirely substitute the real-life communication. Hence, a part of your life is hidden from your partner. And this makes you interesting and mysterious to them. It is wonderful that you get the chance to discover new things about each other thanks to the long-distance relationship.

long distance relationship problems

Reason 2. You have the motivation to know each other better

You can’t open your heart right away and tell everything about yourself - even if you want to. When you are far away from each other, you decide on how much to show yourself to your partner. And there is a certain charm in that. Slowly getting closer, no matter what the distance is, and feeling that you become special to each other - that is a benefit not every regular couple has.

Reason 3. There is an intrigue

Can you tell that you know your mail-order bride well? It is not quite possible, but there is nothing bad about it. On the opposite, you remain a puzzle to each other, which works for the better in your relationship. It is easier for you to surprise each other with some small pleasant things. Don’t consider this a problem.

Reason 4. It makes the meetings even better

The more you miss each other, the brighter are your real-life meetings. Moreover, if you rarely have a chance to see each other, your meetings become more special and genuine. Such occasions make you creative in the ways of date organization, and it is a very positive impact on the relationship in general. Long distance works for you in this case as the couples who spend too much time near each other rarely try that hard. Or you can always have a video call to warm up the feelings before the real date.

successful long distance relationship

Reason 5. You miss each other a lot

That’s true, and at the same time, it is both a benefit and a drawback. On the one hand, it can make you feel blue, but on the other, it makes you value the relationship and your bride so much more. You feel more connected, closer and care about each other more. Generally, the distance can make the couples stay together stronger. But don’t make it last too long, don’t lose the moment when it is time to be in one place already.

What problems one might face in long-distance relationships

Communication of all kinds requires constant work and dedication. Long-distance relationships might seem harder and more challenging. But, in reality, they are often of higher quality than real-time ones. Nevertheless, there are some challenges that are inherent only in online dating. Specifically, the lack of contact and low levels of “mutual identification/recognition” negatively affect further perspectives of such communication.

Another thing is worries about the partner as no matter how much you trust your lover, there still will be thoughts regarding her true feelings. Also, there is ambiguity because you might not know for sure when you’ll meet each other and how the routine will influence your relationships. Constant “online status” might be kind of tiresome as partners can not focus on other tasks but also can’t leave each other “on read.”

Moreover, all people have different love languages. Thus, if you forget to say “goodnight” to your lover, and it’s not that big of a deal for you, she might get sad about it. It’s necessary to discuss such details to avoid hurting each other’s feelings unintentionally. Couples in long-distance relationships often have to change their plans to spend time together, which might be distracting. Anyway, love always wins in the end!

To conclude

Long distance relationship works out for those who see its benefits. There are a couple, and they can make your feelings even stronger. You miss your lady more, and she is a mystery that you want to solve - the distance adds some spice to your interaction. There are no real obstacles for those who want to be together, remember that.

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