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Marrying A Latina - Pros and Cons

Find all the answers in this article about the pros and cons of marrying a Latina.


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Some people say that marrying someone outside of your ethnicity is a bad idea, and not because of prejudice, racism, or anything like that but because of the good old differences that can ruin your happiness. No wonder we are looking for something that can help us understand if interethnic marriage is likely to work.

Today, we will talk about marrying a Latina, pros & cons of this decision, and possible consequences. Please note that everything you see here is a generalization, and there is no guarantee that your girlfriend's qualities, traits, and behavior will be exactly like we describe here. We are going to discuss a regular, average Latin girl based on social researches, opinions of daters and international couples, so consider this when reading the article, and, of course, when making your decision.

Specialities and peculiarities of Latina girls

Representatives of Latin America live in different countries, but shared history and backgrounds have influenced their personalities. In general, local ladies love having fun and can't imagine their lives without long conversations about every little thing. They speak fast, loud, and emotionally. Women enjoy attracting men's attention and always look their best. Females often wear jewelry, bright and tight clothes, have their nails done, and can't go out without makeup.

Family is in the first place for them, and they'd prefer to look after children rather than going to work. However, many modern Latina ladies want to achieve self-fulfillment. They prefer to take time to follow their interests before becoming committed to kids and husbands. Also, women from this region adore music and love to spend Friday evenings dancing with friends and singing karaoke.

Divorces are rare in the country because people will do anything to save their marriages to avoid looking miserable in the eyes of relatives. Importantly, they are sentimental and emotional. Such qualities help them save love for a long time and enjoy their husbands' companies for the rest of their days. They're definitely worth your attention as Latina women are one of a kind!

Pros of marrying a Latina woman

It is all subjective. Things we call pros here may be cons for someone else. In this paragraph, we just list the things that make most (not all) men marry ladies from Latin America and the Caribbean. So, let us take a look at them in more detail.

Marianismo – something that a good wife needs?

Marianismo is the role model that is considered archaic by some people and is used as the only right role model for a woman by other ones. The thing is, according to Marianismo values, a “good” woman should be not only quiet, helpful, beautiful, and at the same time, pure, but also to be chaste, giving, religious and self-sacrificing. It sounds like it is too much, but this is the ideal woman in this culture.

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Of course, it is changing. The interesting fact is that the values of Marianismo were far more important for 1st generation immigrants and less important to their children. This is the Latin value, and that is why it is valued in Latin countries more. Moreover, Latinas living in the US cannot resist the impact of Western trends.

We are not going to judge or draw any conclusions about Marianismo. The truth is for most men, this is undoubtedly beneficial to choose a Latina wife. By the way, this is one of the reasons why they are looking for a wife outside the US (16% of the female population in America are Latinas, actually) - in Latin countries and the Caribbean, in particular.

Differences between you are not so important

The results of some quite interesting surveys have shown that international couples did not even notice the so-called interethnic differences between them. They said that they “didn’t feel like they we’re inter-anything.” Consequently, if a man marries his perfect Latina match, he gets all of the most of the benefits we mentioned above, such as caregiving, kindness, beauty, etc., but does not even experience the difficulties that, in the opinion of most people, all interethnic couples are supposed to face.


This is pretty obvious, but we could not but mention it, too. These girls are beautiful, and they remain beautiful because, as you probably know, they have pretty strict beauty standards, and most girls try to follow them. However, there is one thing you should note – the absolute majority of Latinas are naturally beautiful, but they just hate when people hypersexualize them and when they tell that they are supposed to be “dark.” They can look completely different, so note this, too. Still, their beauty cannot be considered as one of the benefits of marrying a Latina.

hot latin girl

More conservative

And again, we do not claim this is an objectively good thing, but still, a lot of researches has shown that Latina women are more conservative when it comes to dating, marriage, and even gender roles at large. The thing is that many of them, especially ladies who did not immigrate to one of the western countries still think that the so-called “classic” family in which a husband plays a role of breadwinner, defender and is “in charge” and in which a woman is the queen of the hearth is acceptable or even appreciated.

This, of course, depends on plenty of factors, including the country where a Latina lives, the family in which she was raised, social groups that influence her, her own individual values, tastes, and preferences, but still this is one of the most common things that make men marry Latinas, and not local, Western girls.

Generally speaking, a lot of Western men see the opportunity to find a kind of woman they miss in their own countries in Latin America. This perfect woman is family-oriented, forgiving, giving, and caring. She is beautiful and at the same time pretty conservative.

beautiful latin woman

Cons of marrying a Latina

And again, things that we will list below, are not exactly the “cons.” These are rather the things most men who are dating a Latina mention when they are asked about the challenges a guy can face when building a relationship with a lady from Latin countries. Nevertheless, let us take a look at them.

  1. Marrying a Latina or anyone else outside your own ethnicity has one really important disadvantage – if everything is not so good between you, your ethnic difference, different traditions, and values will be even more annoying and can make things even worse.
  2. They are pretty jealous but still less jealous than some of the Asian girls. Nevertheless, you should consider this, too.
  3. They may be quite emotional. Yes, this is one of the things we call stereotypes, and Latinas, of course, can be calm. Many of them are introverts. Still, we cannot deny that you are more likely to meet a passionate and emotional girl in Mexico or Columbia than in China, Vietnam or Russia.

As you can see, these are not really the disadvantages – these things turn into problems only if your relationship is not this good. These are just the possible challenges you may face, but you also have a good chance to avoid them.

Final thoughts

Most of us want to know what will happen in the future. We want to understand what to expect in a career, in relationships, in everything. We want an accurate forecast, but we cannot always get it. No wonder men are looking for pros and cons of marrying a Latina or a girl of another ethnicity. It is okay, but it is also important to understand that though the thing we listed above matter and though all of them (or at least most of them) might work, it is still about two people, two personalities. If you are working on your relationship, if you listen to each other, and if you seek compromise, you will be happy together. Otherwise, it will be impossible to save love, even if you both grew up in the same town.

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