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Guide #14

What Should You Know About Argentina Women Dating?

Here is a guide on how to date Argentina women.

Is there such a thing as Argentina dating culture? How many Argentinian girls marry Americans? How to date these ladies and what to expect from them? Continue reading this guide on Argentina women dating and find the answers to all of your questions!

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Online dating is quite popular in Argentina. Thus, it's one of the most popular online services in this country — nearly 14% of Argentinians have used online dating apps during the last year which is just huge. The online dating market in Argentina shows a high annual growth rate so dating apps and sites are becoming more and more common in this country. It's not only about Tinder and Badoo in this country — Argentinian women also use niche Argentina girls dating sites and Tinder-like services (e.g Happn).

How many Argentinian brides married American men last year?

Argentina is certainly not the most popular country in Latin America when it comes to K-1 visas (fiancee visas, the ones issued to foreigners who married American citizens). Thus, only 113 K-1 visas were issued to Argentinian citizens in 2019, and this number looks quite low — especially when compared with Brazil or Colombia (more than 1,000 K-1 holders from each of these countries). Of course, we don’t know exactly how many of the K-1 holders are women, but according to the statistics, almost 80% of K-1 visa applicants are female.

How many Argentinian wives who marry American men have children?

A K-1 visa is issued to foreigners who married American citizens. K-2 visa is, in turn, issued to the children of the K-1 visa owners. Obviously, the number of K-2 visas typically correlates with the number of K-1 visas issued to the citizens of a certain country — usually, the ratio is about 1 to 3 or 1 to 5 (1 K-2 visa per 3-5 K-1 visas). When it comes to Argentina, the numbers are different — the citizens of this country got 113 K-1 visas and only 10 K-2 visas, so only 10 Argentinian women who married American men have entered the US with their children.

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Argentina girls dating: why do American men like dating them?

Argentinian women are just fantastically beautiful: most of them have a mixed European heritage so they usually look like a perfect mix of Latin and European beauty. It's not only about physical appearance, of course — these bombshells are also very outgoing and friendly, and that's another thing most Americans love about them. They see nothing wrong in dating a foreigner which is another advantage and another reason why American men love dating these girls.

What do Americans expect from dating an Argentinian lady?

Typically, American men who are searching for an Argentinian girl, have certain expectations. Thus, some men from the US expect Argentinian females to be like other Latin girls, but that's not 100% true. When it comes to Argentina women dating, they are more like European brides — their mentality is closer to European one, their views on gender roles and family are closer to the views European women have, and they even look like Europeans and Latinas combined! As for that "emotionality" and "fiery temper" stereotype, well, it's mostly true — in this regard, Argentinian ladies are very close to their Latin counterparts.

Average age difference between American men and Argentinian women

In general, Argentinian girls for marriage have no problems with the age gap, and those who are searching for an American husband are not an exception. Thus, the predicted age gap difference between a wife from Argentina and a husband from the US is 4-6 years!

Age at first marriage

The median age at first marriage for Argentinian females is 24.6 years which is akin to the median age at first marriage for some American states. Argentinian women get married quite early when compared to European ladies, but not when compared to the girls from other Latin American countries.

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What do you need to know about dating an Argentinian girl?

Dating in Buenos Aires or in any other Argentinian city can be different from dating in the US. Here you’ll find the three most important things to know about Argentinian girls dating:

  • Argentinian women are quite emotional, so be ready for some drama. Yes, many American females hate this stereotype and want to get rid of it, but when it comes to brides from Argentina, that's just how it works in a relationship with them.
  • Argentinian girls expect chivalry. Open doors, pay for dinner (always!), shower them with compliments — in this country, that's the only way relationships between men and women work.
  • The hookup culture is not that common in this country. It's possible to find a one-night stand, of course, but the dating process is typically quite slow in Argentina.

What you should NOT do dating a beauty from Argentina

  1. Don’t ignore learning Spanish. They can speak English, but they love it when a foreigner can speak their native language.
  2. Don't mention the Falklands War, especially if you're a Brit. Well, politics is obviously not the best thing to talk about on a first date, but when it comes to Argentina and the Falklands, everything becomes even more sensitive.
  3. Don't think that these women are easy. They are hot and really attractive, but most of them are not looking for casual sex and most of them have serious intentions when it comes to a relationship.


Argentinian women dating culture is different from the one in the United States, but it’s not like these ladies are from another planet. They love chivalry, they love it when a man looks nice, they love it when men treat them with respect — so if you’re going to date a girl from Argentina, just be the best version of yourself and you’ll find what you need.

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