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Dating A Brazilian Girl
Guide #9

Dating A Brazilian Girl: The Only Guide You Need

Here is a guide on how to date Brazilian women.

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Dating a Brazilian woman in America is a dream come true for any American man: you get to be together with your ideal lady without traveling thousands of miles away. With the current state of modern technology, there are lots of opportunities to date a Brazilian woman, but if you want the relationship to be perfect, here are a few facts you should know.

1. Are there a lot of women on Brazil dating sites?

Brazil is one of the most popular countries among the fans of Latino dating and it’s also gotten very popular with Brazilian women who see their own reasons to date foreign guys. That is why the number of Brazilian female members on international dating sites grows every year. Calculating the overall number of women there seems like an impossible task simply because there are so many sites to choose from. However, we can easily estimate that number to be well over 500,000.

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2. Brazil women marrying US men: 2019 statistics

For some American men, dating Brazilian women goes so well that they eventually decide to marry one of those beautiful, caring, and loyal women. Brazil is the most popular country for holders of K-1 visas among all South American countries: 1,065 women entered the United States in 2019 with an intention to get married to a US citizen. And this number is growing every year.

3. How many Brazilian women dating foreigners have children?

Dating Brazilian girls means meeting not only carefree young women in their late teens and early twenties, but also women with some marriage experience and even children. In 2019, 149 children entered the United States along with their mothers as fiancées to an American man. It means that there is a chance of meeting a Brazilian woman who already has children, but this is not so common.

4. Why do men find Brazilian women attractive?

If you’ve ever met a Brazilian girl in person, her beauty, charm, and wit have probably captivated you from the first glance. However, there is more to Brazil girls dating than meets the eye. These women are also incredibly loyal and caring. They are very perceptive and can instantly know how you’re feeling even when you are not saying anything. Finally, since Brazilian girls are very serious about marriage, they want to get married once and for all and rarely see divorce as an option.

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5. Brazilian women dating: what can you expect?

Even if we try our hardest to describe dating a Brazilian girl in one article, we will, unfortunately, fail. However, we can say with confidence that the most important feature of a relationship with a Brazilian woman is that you will never feel bored with her. Brazilian girls always know the right thing to do for you as a couple, and they will try their hardest to keep you happy and entertained. Every day with a Brazilian woman feels unlike the previous one, and that is exactly what makes the idea of Brazil dating so attractive.

6. What do Brazil women think about dating before marriage?

Brazilian women typically begin dating in their late teens, but they don’t get married until later in life. At the same time, Brazilian girls are known for their liberal approach to dating, and they may have a lot of former relationships but only one serious partner before marriage or no serious ex-partners at all. As for the average time it takes a Brazilian couple to get married, the data also varies and heavily depends on the age and other circumstances. Some Brazilian women are ready to tie the knot after less than a year of dating, but on average, they will need to date a man for at least two years.

7. What is the age gap between Brazilian girls and American men?

In most cases, there is a certain age difference between the US man and the Brazilian woman he is dating or planning to marry. For Latin America in general, that difference can be anywhere from just 1.2 years to 6.3 years, and we can fully expect Brazil’s stats to fall into the same gap.

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8. At what age do Brazilian women get married?

Brazilian dating is very complex, and one of its main features is that Brazilians don’t feel the urge to get married at a young age. On average, a Brazilian woman gets married at the age of 30, which is higher than most other Latin American countries and even higher than the United States, where women are, on average, 28 years of age when they tie the knot (Source).

9. 5 tips for successfully dating Brazilian girls

Dating a Brazilian is remarkably easy and doesn’t require you to follow any strict rules. However, there are some facts about Brazilian dating culture you need to know if you want to succeed. Here are the 5 most important ones:

  • Wear the right clothes for the occasion and make sure your hair and outfit are neat and somewhat trendy.
  • Establish a friendly connection first before developing it into a romantic attraction.
  • Give a Brazilian woman an opportunity to approach you first if you can see that she’s interested.
  • Try to meet your Brazilian date in her natural habitat — for example, at her own home or when she’s seeing her friends.
  • Accept the fact that your date may be slightly late, as Brazilians don’t have the same views on punctuality as you.

10. 3 mistakes to avoid with Brazil dating

These are the 3 things to avoid when dating a Brazilian woman if you want the relationship to work out.

  • Suggesting splitting the bill — Brazilian girls may offer to pay for their half of the check, but the suggestion must come from them.
  • Arriving during the Carnival makes Brazilian women think you are there for a one-night stand, not serious relationships.
  • Even though Brazil has its problems, badmouthing her native country in front of your Brazilian girlfriend won’t get you anywhere.

Final thoughts

Brazil women dating can be a lot of things, but it’s never boring. Even a short dating experience can completely transform your life or even turn into the most beautiful marriage you have ever imagined. And since we want you to be fully prepared for dating a Brazilian lady, we have all the facts you need to succeed.

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