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Guide #12

Colombian Women Dating: How To Approach It Like A Pro

Here is a guide on how to date Colombian women.

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Colombia is a beautiful and fascinating country in South America, but it’s not just the picturesque views and thrilling history that attract foreign men there. Colombian women dating is now one of the most popular trends on the international dating scene, and if you want to experience it for yourself, here is everything you need to know.

1. How many Colombian women are there on dating sites?

Calculating the total number of Colombian women on dating sites seems like an impossible task for two reasons. First, there are dozens of popular dating sites to choose from and each of them has thousands of female Colombian members. Second, online dating is getting more common among Colombian girls and their presence continues to grow. Still, some estimates place the number of Colombian women on dating sites at 300,000.

beautiful colombian woman

It’s clear that US men are interested in not only dating Colombian women, but also marrying them. This is for many reasons, and the wonderful character of these girls is one of them. In 2019, there were 1,014 Colombian women who have been granted fiancée visas, placing Colombia second only to Brazil as the most popular Latin country for the recipients of the K-1 visas.

3. Is it common for Colombian women with children to marry American men?

Many Colombian girls begin dating foreigners with no prior romantic experience at all, but many of them already have some relationship history, including prior marriages and children from those marriages. Along with 1,014 Colombian K-1 visa holders, there were 265 children who entered the US on K-2 visas along with their mothers. It means there is a real chance of meeting a Colombian lady who already has kids, but there are also plenty of girls with no prior romantic baggage.

4. Why you should consider Colombian dating

Colombian women are undeniably beautiful, but it’s far from the only reason why dating a Colombian girl is such a fantastic experience. Colombian women have a lot more to offer than their stunning looks, and here are three reasons why you will love dating a Colombian girl:

  • She doesn’t make you work too hard to win her affection and is ready to meet you halfway.
  • Colombian women are very attached to their families and will go out of their way to make them happy.
  • A Colombian girl is not some weak creature who needs your help and protection — she wants a relationship on equal terms.
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5. What is it like to date Colombian women?

When you date Colombian girls, you experience a spectrum of emotions that are nearly always positive. The one thing you will always feel during the course of the relationship is that you are your girlfriend’s number one priority. When the relationship gets serious and there is a prospect of marriage, a Colombian woman will make sure her beloved man doesn’t get away and will surround him with as much attention and affection as she can.

6. How do Colombians approach dating and marriage?

The dating culture in Colombia is rather developed, and young men and women of Colombia begin dating casually in their late teens. However, Colombian women treat dating rather seriously and don’t engage in long-term dating lightly. When a Colombian woman is dating someone for a long time, the relationship is equal to marriage in her eyes. That is why young Colombian girls typically don’t have a lot of former serious partners by the time they get married. They also need to date someone for at least two years before deciding to marry him, although that can change in a whirlwind romance.

7. Is there usually an age gap between US men and Colombian women?

In most cases, Colombian women are slightly younger than the US men they are dating. The average age gap for couples consisting of Latin American women and US men is 6.33 years, and we can imagine the situation with Colombian brides is not very different, since age gap relationships are perfectly common there.

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8. How old are Colombian women when they get married?

On average, a Colombian woman is 22.3 years by the time she gets married, which is fairly young for Latin America. Colombia is among the top Latin American countries by the youngest female age of first marriage. Compared to Brazil, where women get married at 30 and Jamaica, where the average age of marriage for women is 33.2, Colombia has a far lower marriage age (Source).

9. 5 tips for successfully dating Colombian girl

”How to date a Colombian woman?” is one of the most common questions among American men who want to experience the joys of dating a Colombian lady. Here are 5 tips that will help you succeed:

  • Don’t try to seem younger, more hip, or more successful than you are — the truth will come out sooner rather than later.
  • Make sure that your personalities click and there is not just a physical attraction.
  • Surprise her with your knowledge of Spanish and the most important facts about Colombian culture.
  • Learn to enjoy the things she loves, such as dancing, hiking, or clothes shopping.
  • Show her that you are a family man at your core but don’t pressure her into starting a family right away.

10. 3 worst mistakes in Colombia dating

When dating a Colombian woman, these three mistakes can ruin your chances with a beautiful Colombian lady:

  • Believing into stereotypes about Colombian women being easy and not suited for serious relationships won’t get you far.
  • Looking desperate to find a girlfriend and an obvious fear of rejection are major turn-offs for Colombian girls.
  • Colombian women are proud of their heritage and culture, so being insensitive about it is a no go.

Final thoughts

Colombian women dating is unpredictable but always fun. If things go well, you can even marry your Colombian girlfriend and explore new sides of her personality. Colombian women would have never gotten as popular among US men as they are today if it wasn’t for the many of their amazing features. And you have a real chance of experiencing them in person when you date Colombian women.

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