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Guide #15

Costa Rican Women Dating: Facts To Know And Things To Expect

Here is a guide on how to date Costa Rican women.

Costa Rica is not the most popular country in the world when it comes to international relationships. However, thousands of American men dream of Costa Rican girls dating — and if you’re one of these men, you’ll find a lot of important info here.

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When it comes to Costa Rican women dating online, the situation is quite unusual. While in other Central and South American countries the most popular dating app is Tinder, Costa Rica stands out from the crowd. Here, the focus is shifted to the so-called "sugar daddy" websites and on free dating apps for flirting and chatting. Such apps as Tinder and Badoo are not even in the top lists of the most popular apps in Costa Rica!

How many Costa Rican women married American men last year?

According to the statistics, only 105 Costa Rican women have obtained the K-1 (fiancee) visa in 2019. It's quite far from the most popular Central and South American countries — just for comparison sake, thousands of women from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia marry American men every year. Of course, this doesn't mean only 105 Costa Rican women marry American men — thus, this number can be at least 15% higher (because around 15% of K-1 visa applications are typically refused). Plus, don't forget about hundreds of K-3 visas (spouse visa) — the real number is probably much higher than 105.

How many Costa Rican brides who marry American men have children?

While K-1 is called a "fiancee" visa, K-2 is the visa for the children of those who obtained the K-1 visa. The number of K-2 visas is always much lower than the number of K-1 visas — it's obvious because not all the brides have children. As for Costa Rica, only 20 K-2 visas were issued in 2019. It means that, roughly speaking, 1 out of 5 Costa Rican women who marry American men already have children before the marriage.

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Why do American men like Costa Rican girls dating?

When you start dating a Costa Rican girl, you can expect a lot of things that may pleasantly surprise you. Thus, have you ever heard that these are naturally attractive? You probably have, and this is one of the most common factors why American men like Costa Rican women dating. However, that's not all. The girls from Costa Rica are also quite shy, traditional, and they have very strong family bonds, so if you're searching for a foreign woman who will make a great wife, you just can't miss Costa Rica.

What do Americans expect from Costa Rica dating?

There are some common expectations American men have about Costa Rican women. Some men think these women are very passionate, generous, and traditional — and that's what most of them really are. The others think that Costa Rican girls dating is sometimes too emotional and that they are a bit talkative — and well, that's not far from the truth either. There is also a stereotype about religious Costa Rican women, but it's not 100% true. Yes, 79% of Costa Ricans consider religion important, but this country is still not as religious as, say, Nicaragua, Honduras, or Dominican Republic.

Average age difference between American men and Costa Rican ladies

The average spousal age gap between a Costa Rican wife and an American husband can be as high as 5.5 years (if the woman moved to the US before the marriage) or 7.8 years (if the couple married before the arrival of the woman to the US).

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Age at first marriage

The average age at first marriage in Costa Rica is 25.7 years old for women — it's higher than in most Central and South American countries but it's lower than in the United States where the average female age at first marriage is 28 years old.

Costa Rican women dating: some interesting facts

  • Costa Ricans are very open-minded and friendly, so you'll have no problems if you want to date Costa Rican beauties. They don’t have any prejudice against international relationships.
  • Costa Rican women love it when a man is an old-school gentleman — they are a bit old-fashioned in this regard.
  • They have very, very strong family bonds, and this means you'll have to become a part of the family to marry a Costa Rican woman. Don’t worry, it's not that difficult actually.

What you should NOT do dating a girl from Costa Rica

  1. Never show disrespect to their families. As we’ve said, the family is the most important thing for Costa Rican women, so if your girlfriend’s parents don’t accept you, well, it’s a huge problem.
  2. Another Costa Rico women dating advice: do NOT be jealous. These women are very loyal to their partners.
  3. PDA is not allowed in Costa Rica, but it's not a rule that applies to the whole territory of the country. In some places, it's forbidden to kiss; in some, you can't hug a woman. If you're a foreigner, be careful, rely on your girlfriend, and don't get in trouble in Costa Rica.


Women from Costa Rica are not as shy and submissive as some Americans expect. They are very feminine, emotional, beautiful, and they make perfect wives. What’s even better, you don’t need to move to this country — there are lots of Costa Rica girls dating online services that allow you to chat and communicate with thousands of beautiful single ladies.

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