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Guide #16

Cuban Women Dating: Tips, Rules, Useful Data

Here is a guide on how to date Cuban women.

Cuban women are not as popular as the girls from Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, or Haiti. However, it doesn’t mean they are not worth dating. Actually, it’s quite the opposite — these girls make amazing wives and girlfriends. Read this Cuban women dating guide to know these ladies better!

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As of 2016, only 39% of Cuba's population were Internet users. Since that time, the situation has slightly improved, but it's still not the best country in terms of access to the Internet. However, it's not that bad — such apps as Tinder are quite popular in this country (of course, among the youth), and Cubans have even created their own ways to make Cuban girls dating online possible through interaction with people (for example, on Telegram). As for international dating websites, they are not that popular — mainly because of poor Internet coverage.

How many Cuban brides married American men last year?

473 Cubans entered the United States on a K-1 visa. It's not that all these 473 are Cuban women, but we can assume that a particular part of it is represented by women. The interesting fact here is that this is the most common nonimmigrant visa category for Cubans — they don't apply for temporary worker visas and they rarely get J-1 visas. Looks like finding an American husband is the best way for Cuban women to move to the United States!

How many Cuban wives who marry American men have children?

According to the 2019 statistics, Cubans got 64 K-2 visas. In simple words, it means 1 out of 7 Cuban women who get married to American citizens move to the United States with kids. This ratio is lower than the K-2 to K-1 ratio in Central American and some Caribbean countries — thus, almost 25% of Dominicana women who entered the US on a K-1 visa in 2019 had kids.

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Why do American men like to have a relationship with ladies from Cuba?

There are lots of benefits in Cuban women dating and one of the most important ones for most American men is that these bombshells have traditional views on family and gender roles. The second thing American men love is the passion and emotionality of beautiful Cuban girls — it might be a stereotype, but it's definitely true. Another cool thing about Cuban women is their beauty, of course. Their European, African, and Caribbean genes make them extremely attractive!

What do Americans expect from Cuban girls dating?

Some Americans think Cuban ladies are too shy, but that’s 100% not true. These women are not just “not submissive” — they are passionate (which can be not the best character feature especially if you're arguing) and they can even be a little dominant! Some American men also believe Cuban ladies are very religious (like women from other Caribbean countries), but that’s not true. Only 33% of the Cuban population think that religion is important — that's quite common for the countries where the Communist party influences religious life.

Average age difference between American men and Cuban women

The predicted age gap between an American husband and a Cuban wife is higher than the age gap between an American man and a woman from any other country. Thus, if the couple gets married before or on the arrival of a woman, the age gap is typically around 8 years — so if you worry about the age difference, well, you shouldn't.

Age at first marriage

Cuba has a low average age at first marriage for women: typically, Cuban girls get married at 21 years old. It's one of the lowest numbers among Central American, South American, and Caribbean countries — only in Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Honduras, women get married earlier.

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What you need to know about dating Cuban girls?

  • When it comes to Cuban girls dating, you need to remember that it's always you who pays for the date and for everything else. First of all, it's about their traditions and gender roles — Cuban women believe that it's a man who should pay for the dinner. And secondly, it's about the economical situation — the average monthly salary in Cuba is about $37, so they just can't go Dutch even if they want to.
  • Family is very important for these women so you should be ready to meet the parents of your Cuban girlfriend.
  • Cuba women dating is fast dating. You meet, then you meet the family, then congratulations, you have a Cuban wife. That's just how it works in this country (but if it feels awkward for you, just tell your partner about it, that's ok).

What you should NOT do meeting a beauty from Cuba?

  1. No politics on the first date. Talking about politics is the killer of first dates in almost any country, but when it comes to Cuba, this subject will definitely not work. History, politics, US-Cuba relationships — just forget about all these topics.
  2. Don't fall into the "jinetero" trap. In simple words, "Jineteras" are Cuban women who only want to date a foreigner because of money, gifts, and favors. Technically, these women are not prostitutes, but they are quite close to that. This is definitely not what you need if you're searching for a wife.
  3. Do not ignore her parents. You'll have to impress them and you have to be ready that many Cuban elders are quite strict.


If you’re going to start Cuba girls dating, now is really the best time to do it. They are finally available online, they love dating foreigners, they are extremely beautiful, and they make great wives. So, why not?

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