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Dominican Women Dating: 10 Facts You’ve Never Heard Before

Here is a guide on how to date Dominican women.

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The Dominican Republic may not be the first Latin American country you remember when thinking about the region, but among American men, Dominican women are surprisingly popular for dating and marriage. Here are the answers to any Dominican women dating questions you may have.

1. Are there a lot of Dominican women to date online?

You are probably used to seeing hundreds of thousands of Latin American women on dating sites, and it’s not surprising — Latin women dating American men is a popular trend and has been for some time. However, the population of the Dominican Republic is smaller than the population of the biggest Latin countries, which is why the number of Dominican women on dating sites is also smaller. On the top 5 most popular Dominican dating sites, you can find around 200,000 female singles.

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2. Dominican women marrying US men: the stats

Despite its smaller population, the Dominican Republic is one of the most popular destinations for US men looking for a Latin partner. According to the 2019 stats, the Dominican Republic was second only to Mexico by its number of women marrying American men. Last year, 1,270 Dominican women entered the US on a fiancée visa and went on to marry US natives shortly after that. Moreover, this number is steadily growing every year.

3. How common is it for Dominican women looking for foreign men to have kids?

While most Dominican women approach dating foreign men with no previous marriage baggage and therefore don’t have kids, there are hundreds of American men every year who marry Dominican women with children from previous relationships. For the 1,270 Dominican K-1 visa holders in 2019, 351 K-2 visas for their children were issued in the same year.

The first thing you notice about a Dominican woman is probably her ethereal beauty that is too striking to ignore. However, a good relationship cannot be built on looks alone, and Dominican girls have a lot more to offer. They are some of the most deeply caring individuals on the planet and will do anything for the sake of their loved ones. Another quality of Dominican women that makes them incredibly attractive is their captivating personality that will make you cherish every moment you spend together.

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5. What can you expect from Dominican women dating?

Your experience of dating Dominican women can be very unpredictable because these women are not created equal and have different views, preferences, and desires. However, the one thing that is universal for Dominican women in love is their ability to give their all to a relationship. From the moment the relationship gets serious, you will become your Dominican partner’s sole focus of attention and will never feel like you are doing all the work in your couple.

6. How much dating experience do Dominican girls have before marriage?

Marriage and dating in Dominican Republic is viewed by local women as some of the most serious aspects of life, and they surely don’t take it lightly. Instead of dating around before marriage and then settling down, Dominican girls prefer to marry their first-ever serious partner. However, they don’t tend to make rash decisions when it comes to marriage and want to spend several years getting to know the person they want to marry.

7. Is an age gap between a foreign man and a Dominican woman possible?

It’s fairly common for Dominican women to seek slightly older partners — they believe that with an older age comes the stability, ambition, and reasonable attitude to life that Dominican girls crave. By some estimates, the average age gap between US men and women from the West-Indies marrying them, where the Dominican Republic also belongs, ranges from 5.4 to 8 years, which is more than the average age gap for Latin women and US men overall.

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8. The average age of women getting married in the Dominican Republic

The average age of first-time brides in Latin America differs greatly from country to country, and while women in Jamaica and Chile prefer to wait until 32 or 33 before tying the knot, other Latin ethnicities are more likely to get married young. The Dominican Republic is the perfect example — with the average female marriage age being just 21, the country is second only to Nicaragua in the official rating of bridal age (Source).

9. Top 5 Dominican girls dating tips

You don’t need any extensive guides for dating a Dominican woman since it’s the most natural thing in the world, but these five tips will get you closer to your desired result.

  • Make some effort with your look, but don’t change your style completely. Simply look neat and presentable.
  • Put some thought into planning your dates — a perfect Dominican date is a romantic and memorable experience.
  • Show your Dominican girlfriend the place she’s never seen before, and she will show you a completely new side of the Dominican Republic.
  • Ask her questions about her upbringing, family, social life, and tastes to show your genuine interest in her personality.
  • Be assertive without being too domineering — listen to your woman’s opinions and let her contribute to the decisions.

10. 3 mistakes that can ruin even the best relationship

Dominican women dating will definitely be one of the best times of your life, but the difference in mentality and approach to dating means you are bound to make some mistakes along the way. Avoid these 3 common mistakes to help your relationship succeed:

  • Buying into rumors that Dominican women are easy and pressuring them into taking the relationship to the next level will get you an opposite effect.
  • Being intentionally vague about your family, work, and background won’t make you look mysterious and instead will make you look like you’re hiding something.
  • Displaying dated, misogynistic views won’t sit well with your Dominican girlfriend and can easily kill the romance.

Final thoughts

Dating a Dominican woman means being fascinated by her beauty, impressed by her wit and sense of humor, and comforted by her unquestionable loyalty. If those are the qualities you are looking for in your new partner, you will approach Dominican girls dating like a pro with our helpful tips and insights.

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