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Guide #11

10 Must-Know Facts About Dating A Latina Woman

Here is a guide on how to date Latina woman.

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Dating a Latina woman is something you have probably thought about in the past but never acted on your thoughts. The good news is that even when you live thousands of miles away from a beautiful Latina woman, you can still successfully date her. Here is what you need to know about Latin American dating.

1. How many Latina women are there on dating sites?

These days, the easiest way to get access to a huge number of Latin women for dating is through a specialized dating site. Calculating the number of Latina women on those sites is downright impossible since there are dozens of sites to choose from and every month, thousands of new women join them. However, if you look at the top 5 most popular online destinations for Latino dating, you will see that each of them has between 100,000 and 800,000 members, which means the overall number of Latina girls on dating sites is well over 1 million.

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Latin dating is super popular among American men, but with 33 countries in Latin America, they simply cannot be equally represented on Latino dating sites. Some countries are more popular among the fans of international dating and have more women representing them on dating sites, and here are the top 5 of Latin countries with the biggest number of women online.

  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Mexico
  • Venezuela
  • Colombia

3. Latin women marrying Americans: 2019’s stats

Latin America continues being one of the most popular regions for immigrant brides. The girls here are incredibly beautiful, smart, and hardworking, so more and more Americans prefer to marry them. In 2019, 3,367 Latin American women entered the United States on a K-1 visa and married US citizens shortly after their arrival. Out of those 3,367 women, their top 3 most common native countries include Brazil, Colombia, and Peru.

4. Why do US guys dream about dating a Latina?

The idea of Latina women dating has visited every American man at least once, but what exactly is it about Latino girls that makes them so irresistible to US men? For most guys, the attraction to Latina women comes from wanting certain qualities and not finding them in women from their own country. The most commonly named appealing features of Latino dating include femininity, sincerity, passion, hard-working nature, and an unbreakable spirit that will fill you up with optimism no matter what’s going on in your life.

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5. What can you expect when dating Latin women?

Latin women dating has many advantages for a man, but the one that stands out the most is that Latina women put as much effort into the relationship as the man. When dating Latina girls, you will never feel like you’re doing all the work. Your girlfriend will care as much about you as you do about her, and that is a very satisfying relationship dynamic. Latino women find it impossible to fake their feelings, so you will always know how they feel about you.

6. Latin American dating before marriage

When you are imagining your experience of Latin women dating, you can’t help but think whether you are going to be the first-ever partner of your future Latina girlfriend. The answer to this question very much depends on her background: women from bigger cities tend to have more dating experience than girls from rural areas. Latino women are also not the ones to get married right away: they need to spend, on average, at least 2 years dating someone before tying the knot, and from 10 to 25% of women in Latin America prefer consensual unions to marriage.

7. Average age gap between Latina wives and US husbands

It’s no secret that a certain age difference is present in most relationships one way or another, and marriage between Latina women and American men is no exception. For Latin American countries, the average age gap between Latino women and US men is 6.3 years, with the smallest age gap between Mexican brides and their US husbands at 5.1 years, and the biggest difference at 8.3 years with Cuban women and American partners.

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8. Average age of marriage for Latina women

Contrary to a popular belief, Latin girls are in no rush to get married and prefer to find their footing in life before tying the knot. Plus, the attitude to the very concept of marriage differs from country to country. The average age of a first-time Latina bride is 26.9 years with women in Nicaragua getting married, on average, at just 20.6 years, and Jamaican women marrying at the average age of 33.2 years.

9. Latina dating culture: 5 things you should know

When you are looking at the prospect of dating a Latina woman, you want the whole thing to be perfect. Luckily, Latin girls don’t need any special approach to dating them, but Latin dating culture does have a few rules to remember:

  • You need to be proactive and never wait for the Latina woman to make the first step.
  • Latinos go on dates fairly late, so if you are an early bird, you will need to adjust.
  • Splitting the check is out of question — you are expected to pay for everything.
  • Your dates don’t have to be expensive, but they need to be memorable.
  • Making a good impression on her parents is essential for the success of your relationship.

10. 3 things you should never do when dating a Latina

Dating a Latina woman is not only about the things you do, but also about the things you don’t do. Here are 3 things to avoid when dating a Latina.

  • Dressing inappropriately for the occasion will make your girlfriend think you can’t take basic care of yourself.
  • Making a scene when your woman is late means you cannot accept her little flaws and quirks.
  • Being stingy with gifts shows your lack of generosity and your unwillingness to provide for your woman.

Final thoughts

Dating Latina women is easier than you think even when you are separated by long distance and major differences in your background and social status. Use our tips to have the best experience dating a Latina and possibly even upgrade your relationship to a loving marriage!

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