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Guide #13

How Do Mexican Women Date And Marry? Find Out Now!

Here is a guide on how to date Mexican women.

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If you are fascinated by the beauty of Mexican women but have never even dared to imagine yourself dating Mexican girl, we have some great news for you. US men dating Mexican women is one of the biggest romance trends of the past few years, and here is how to turn your dream of dating Mexican women into reality.

1. How many Mexican women are there on dating sites?

Mexican women are among the top 3 ethnicities on Latin dating sites, and no matter which site you ultimately go for, you can always expect to meet a few thousand gorgeous Mexican female members. The overall number of Mexican women on international dating sites is very hard to calculate because there are so many websites to choose from, but some experts estimate it to be around 300,000.

beautiful mexican woman

According to the 2019 statistics, Mexico is the most popular Latin American country for women marrying US natives. That year alone, 1,676 Mexican women moved into the US on a K-1 visa, meaning they married US men shortly after their arrival. This is far more than what most other Latin American countries have demonstrated, which is probably influenced by the geographical closeness of Mexico and the US, as well as the closeness in mentality.

3. Are there many Mexican girls with kids looking for foreign husbands?

Mexican women looking for American men to date have very different life experiences, and many of them have already gone through their first marriages and have children from those marriages. However, the number of Mexican women moving to the US for marriage who have children is not very big — only 348 Mexican minors entered the US in 2019 as dependents to the women on a K-1 visa (Source).

4. Why do American men find Mexican women irresistible?

The appeal of dating a Mexican girl seems completely understandable, but it is also rather complex. US men are attracted to Mexican women for a number of reasons. First, it’s their striking, all-natural appearance that captivates you from the first glance. Second, it’s the fiery, passionate attitude to life in general and relationships in particular. Third, it’s the unquestionable loyalty and the sincere desire to make the relationship work so that it could last forever.

pretty mexican girl

5. Mexican women dating: what should you expect?

The essential thing to know about the Mexican dating culture is that Mexican women date with all their heart. They are not good at concealing or faking their emotions and even their facial expressions reveal a lot about them, which is why you can know for sure what your Mexican girlfriend is thinking even when she’s not saying anything. On one hand, it means you will probably have more heated discussions than you are used to, but on the other hand, it means you will never be stuck in a loveless relationship without knowing it.

6. How do Mexican girls view marriage and dating?

Mexico’s courtship and marriage traditions may be perplexing to foreigners. Mexico is one of the few Latin American countries where child marriage still exist: around 25% of women aged 20 to 24 say they got married before 18. At the same time, women who did not go through an early marriage, prefer to take their time and date for a while before getting married. A typical Mexican girl has at least one serious partner and several flings before marriage.

7. Can there be an age gap between a Mexican woman and her US man?

For many Mexican women dating foreigners, the only acceptable age dynamic in the relationship is when the man is a few years older. This is also evidenced by the US-Mexico marriage statistics that demonstrate an average 5.1 years age gap between Mexican women and their US spouses.

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8. How old are Mexican women by the time they tie the knot?

Child marriage is currently illegal in Mexico, which is why it’s not taken into account when calculating the average age of first marriage for Mexican women. Since these girls prefer to get some life experiences before getting married, the average marriage age for Mexican women is 26. It’s only two years lower than the average age of US first-time brides and significantly higher than the age of Dominican, Cuban, and Colombian brides who prefer to get married around 21-22.

9. Dating Mexican girl: 5 tips for success

Dating a Mexican woman is easy even when you don’t have any extensive dating experience with the women from this country. If you plan on dating a Mexican lady, these 5 tips will help you make the relationship successful.

  • Mexican girls truly appreciate it when a man gives them the freedom of choice and generally treats them as an equal.
  • You can get a much better date and relationship in general if you allow your Mexican girlfriend to plan it and show you something you’ve never seen before.
  • Women in Mexico are not used to paying for the date, so a man should always pay without a question.
  • Mexican women love verbal flirting, so the more compliments and nice things to say you can think of, the better.
  • Violent jealousy is a red flag for Mexican girls, but showing a little possessiveness can work in your favor.

10. 3 wrong moves to avoid when dating Mexican women

Like with any relationship, there are some things that can go wrong when you date Mexican women. The three biggest mistakes when dating Mexican women include:

  • Pressuring her into taking the relationship to the next stages even though she’s not ready.
  • Being insensitive towards her country, family, culture, background, tastes, education, and views.
  • Not willing to make any changes in your lifestyle or worldview even though they obviously clash with your Mexican girlfriend’s way of living.

Final thoughts

Mexican women dating is thrilling, satisfying, and can make your life feel complete. Now that you know what Mexican girls are like in relationships and marriage, there is nothing stopping you from achieving your lifelong dream of dating a Mexican woman. With our guide, you will get all the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed!

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