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Guide #17

Peruvian Women Dating — True Facts And Best Dating Tips

Here is a guide on how to date Peruvian women.

Traditional, romantic, very feminine, open-minded, and extremely attractive — the girls from Peru are just perfect and they are worth dating even if you’ve never thought of dating a Latina. Here, we will talk about Peruvian women dating and tell you some useful facts about these women to let you know them better!

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A few decades ago, Peruvian girls dating was quite traditional regarding meetings and relationships. Now, the girls from this country are definitely into online dating. If we're talking about Lima dating culture (Lima is the culture of this country), it's mostly about Tinder — thousands of beautiful young women use this app and many of them can speak English quite well so you won't have any problems with the language barrier. "Sugar daddy" type services are also very popular in this country, as well as classic chat dating apps.

How many Peruvian brides married American men last year?

More than 400 citizens of Peru married American citizens and entered the United States on a K-1 (fiancee) visa in 2019. Even if this number might not sound very impressive, the truth is that Peru is one of the most popular South American countries when it comes to international marriage. Only such countries as Brazil and Colombia (acknowledged leaders of all Latin American top lists when it comes to K-1 visas) surpass Peru in this regard.

How many Peru wives who marry American men have children?

71 K-2 visas were issued to Peruvian citizens in 2019. This type of visa allows the children of the K-1 visa holders to enter the United States legally, so roughly 1 in 6 Peruvian women who find an American husband already have children before the marriage. It's a very rough estimate, though — there are lots of factors that influence the final ratio, but these factors are not available or accessible. However, 1 out of 6 women with kids sounds quite like a close-to-reality estimation.

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Why do American men like Peruvian girls dating?

There are at least two major things American men love about Peruvian women dating. First of all, these females are really beautiful — most of them have attractive faces, olive skin, fit bodies, and healthy dark hair. American men also love the fact these women are more traditional than the ladies from the US — they take on traditional gender roles and they don't postpone kids to build careers (the mother's mean age at first birth is 22 years old in Peru while it's 31-32 yo in New York and San Francisco; the fertility rate is also higher in Peru than in the US).

What do Americans expect from dating a Peruvian lady?

Some American men expect to find a perfect wife who will be focused on family and children instead of career — we can't say that all Peruvian women are like this, but most of them really share and respect such traditional values. By the way, there is a popular stereotype about perfect cooks from Peru, and well, it's not far from the truth, either. Many American men also believe that Peruvian ladies are very feminine and romantic, and that's another true stereotype — these women love romantic gestures, they have that feminine energy, and they are very sweet and caring.

Average age difference between American men and Peruvian women

Another thing you should know about Peruvian women dating is how they view the age difference. The good news is that the women from Peru, as well as the ladies from all the other Latin American countries, tend to marry older American men when they come to the United States. The predicted age gap between a younger Peruvian girl and an older American man is about 4.75-6.33 years.

Age at first marriage

The median age at first marriage for Peruvian women is 23.5 years old. However, many females from this country get married earlier — thus, more than 21% of Peruvian women ages 20-24 were first married by age 18.

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What you need to know about Peruvian dating culture

  • Many American men think Peruvian women are not that interested in international dating. That's not true — they love dating foreigners and they see nothing wrong in getting married to an American man. This stereotype is probably based on the fact Peru is more of a cultural destination, so it's not the most popular place to find a wife.
  • It's important that you do romantic gestures when you date a Peruvian girl. As we've said, they are very romantic and this means they appreciate it when a man knows how to romance.
  • Most Peruvian girls are not fluent English speakers. You will need to learn Spanish to communicate with them (at least some phrases and some basic stuff).

What you should NOT do dating a Peruvian girl

  1. Do not think that Peru girls dating is easy. They are traditional and serious about the relationship, so pushing for sex on the very first (or second) date will not work. What's more, it will definitely turn her off.
  2. Don't be boring. It's obvious, right, but it's one of the most important rules when it comes to Peruvian dating — these women love having fun and laughing, so being boring on the first date is probably the worst thing you can do!
  3. Do not be jealous. Peruvian girls are very friendly and they always have a big crowd around them, but it doesn't mean you should worry about cheating. These women are really loyal to their husbands.


If you’re searching for an extremely hot Latina who will be of a more traditional mindset than American girls, you need to try Peru women dating. These girls make good wives and mothers, they are loyal, they are fun, and they are also extremely feminine. Doesn't that sound like a perfect wife material?

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