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Guide #18

Puerto Rican Women Dating: All You Ever Wanted To Know

Here is a guide on how to date Puerto Rican women.

Puerto Rico is not an independent country — it's an unincorporated territory of the US. However, women who live there are not like American women. They view relationships differently, they share different family roles, etc. They are different — and here, we will discuss Puerto Rican women dating in greater detail.

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How many Puerto Rican women use dating websites?

This type of information is usually provided by the US statistical reports. Thus, according to statistics, the most common dating apps there are Tinder and Bumble, but niche dating services are also quite popular in Puerto Rico. You can choose among dozens of Puerto Rican girls dating services, so if you prefer online dating, you won’t have any problems with women from Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rican women: marriage statistics

The general marriage age in most states is 18-19, but in Puerto Rico, it's 21, as well as in Mississippi. Puerto Rico has extremely low divorce rates for women — only 4.2 women per 1,000 get divorced there. To understand this statistic better, simply compare these numbers with Indiana (9.9 per 1,000) or with Arkansas numbers (13.1 per 1,000). The marriage rates are also incredibly low in Puerto Rico (6.9 in PR, 19.5 in Arizona, 22.6 in Idaho).

Family and children for brides from Puerto Rico

Some American men believe Puerto Rican women dream of having children. However, it's not 100% true. The crude birth rate in Puerto Rico is 6.6 births per 1,000 people. In the United States, the birth rate is much higher — it's 11.6 per 1,000 population. The same is about the fertility rate — according to the statistics, one Puerto Rican woman gives birth to 1.04 children during her life. It's much lower than the average fertility rate in the United States (1.78). Still, such a birth rate in Puerto Rico may be explained by the lower living standards, and people may actually dream of having several children but they understand that they cannot provide for a big family.

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Why do American men like dating Puerto Rican women?

Puerto Rican women dating is just great — they are beautiful, open-minded, and they have very strong family bonds. American men love these women because they are very feminine - unlike some American ladies, these girls don't think anything is wrong with being sweet, supportive, warm, and a little passive (but definitely not too shy). Puerto Rican girls treat their men like kings — they are probably not that modern when it comes to gender equality and women's rights, but they are known for their traditional gender roles and they make perfect wives.

What do Americans expect from Puerto Rican girls dating?

There are some stereotypes about these women — most Americans think Puerto Rican women are very sexy and hot. This stereotype is 100% true and it's not only about their natural beauty. Yes, they typically have great bodies and beautiful faces, but they also want to look great 24/7 — they usually don't leave their homes without makeup, they go to the gym to be fit, and they always wear stylish clothes. Another stereotype is about the femininity and extremely strong family bonds of these women, and as we've already said, this is another 100% true one. Most American men expect Puerto Rican girls to be great wives and mothers, and that's exactly how it usually happens.

Age difference between American men and females from Puerto Rico

That "half your age plus seven" rule works perfectly in Puerto Rico. These women don't have any special views on age difference but the age disparity in relationships is generally socially acceptable in Puerto Rico.

age at first marriage

Women's median age at first marriage in Puerto Rico is 26.5 — it's very close to such states as Michigan, Florida, and Virginia. However, Puerto Rican women get married later than women from South America (except for Brazil where women get married in their 30s).

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What you need to know about dating in Puerto Rican republic?

Puerto Rican girls dating culture is different. Here you’ll find three main facts that will help you understand these women and their dating etiquette better.

  • These women are very active and you'll have to be active, too! If you want to have a relationship with a Puerto Rican girl, you should be ready to have fun. If you're searching for a boring girl who'll spend all her time at home watching TV, the ladies from Puerto Rico are not what you need.
  • These women usually treat their men like kings, but you shouldn't expect your Puerto Rican date to be shy and submissive. On the contrary, these women tend to be the leaders (sometimes they are even too dominant).
  • Women from Puerto Rico are very emotional and sometimes hot-tempered when it comes to relationships. You can’t change it, just deal with it.

What you should NOT do when Puerto Rican women dating?

  1. Do not argue with their parents. Family is the most important thing in the world for all Puerto Rican ladies, and it’s extremely important to make the parents of your gf like you.
  2. Do not ignore physical appearance. You must look great when Puerto Rico girls dating to impress her, that’s a fact.
  3. Do not expect them to give up their careers and education. Yes, Puerto Rican women are feminine and all that, but they don’t think that raising children is more important than building a career nowadays.


Puerto Rico women dating is definitely worth it. These beauties are really great — they are feminine, traditional (sometimes), interesting, and fun (almost always). If you want to date a girl from Puerto Rico, there's no better time than now — thousands of these girls have already joined major dating apps and services and most of them really want to date a guy from the United States!

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