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Guide #19

Venezuelan Women Dating: The Most Interesting Facts

Here is a guide on how to date Venezuelan women.

If you’re interested in Venezuelan women dating, here’s what you should know: these women are different from American girls. They have a different dating culture, they have different views on a relationship, dating, and family — and here, we will tell you everything you have to know about them. Let’s start!

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Based on secondary data, we can clearly say that online dating is quite popular in Venezuela. First of all, the situation with online dating is much better in this country than you might expect — Venezuela's population is estimated to be 28,4 million people, and almost 75% of them (20.5 million) are Internet users. Online dating is not on the list of the most popular online activities in this country, but most Venezuelans use social networks and instant messaging to communicate with people, so it's not that they are totally unfamiliar with the concept of online dating.

How many Venezuelan brides married American men last year?

This is not the most popular country when it comes to international relationships. It's quite obvious and it has nothing to do with the Venezuelan women actually — everything is cool with Venezuelan girls dating, but it's all about the situation in this country. However, American men still marry hundreds of Venezuelan women — thus, almost 300 people from this country obtained a K-1 visa (it's also called fiance(e) visa).

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How many Venezuelan wives who marry American men have children?

Every foreigner must obtain a visa to enter the United States and the children of those who got a K-1 visa are not an exception. According to the statistics, 68 K-2 visas were issued in 2019 for Venezuelan people (K-2 visa is the type of visa that is issued to the children of the K-1 visa holders). There is no clear statistical data, but according to the numbers, at least 1 out of 4 Venezuelan women who enter the US on a K-1 visa already has children.

Why do American men like dating a lady from Venezuela?

When it comes to Venezuelan women dating, American men typically think about several things: beauty, sexuality, and their values that make them great wives. That's how it actually works: women from Venezuela are really extremely sexy and very beautiful. If you've ever met any Latin American girls, you know what we're talking about here — their faces, bodies, makeup skills, and fashion sense are just incredible. As for the traditional values, that's not far from the truth, too — but of course, you can't expect 100% of them to be family-oriented and all that.

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What do Americans expect from Venezuelan girls dating?

As we've said, one of the most common expectations and stereotypes are related to the beauty and sexuality of these women. Some American men also think that Venezuelan women are very friendly, open-minded, and easy-going, and that's another true fact about them. As for traditional gender values and views on family roles, it depends. Some women from this country still think that a woman is a housewife and a man is a breadwinner, but of course, there are lots of Westernized Venezuelan girls who have more modern views on gender equality.

Relationships with Venezuelan beauty before marriage

Quite often, Venezuelans start dating at 13-14. Venezuelans get married earlier than most Latin American women (except the girls from Cuba, Colombia, Ecuador, and Paraguay). The age at first marriage is 22.7 for Venezuelan women, which means it's quite common for this country to date for 6-8 years before marriage. But it doesn't mean all of them start dating at 14, of course — Venezuelan girls who were raised in conservative, traditional families, start dating at age 18, not earlier than that.

Average age difference between American men and Venezuelan women

Think of Venezuela girls dating but worry about the age difference? Well, you actually shouldn’t. According to the statistical data, the average spousal age gap between a woman from Latin America and an American citizen can be 6.3 years (if the couple gets married on the arrival of the woman or before it) or 4.75 years (if the couple gets married after arrival).

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What you need to know about dating culture in Venezuela?

  • These girls are definitely not boring so you shouldn't be boring, too! If you love having fun and going to parties, you'll love dating Venezuelan women.
  • It’s highly recommended to learn at least some Spanish words and phrases if you’re interested in Venezuela women dating.
  • Venezuelan bombshells think that physical appearance is important. It's not that you need to shop the latest designer collections, of course — but you certainly should look your best. Neutral colors, clean shoes, fitted silhouette, all these things work great.

What you should NOT do when Venezuelan women dating?

  1. Don't rush. Venezuelan girls are very sexy and hot, no one would argue with that — but it doesn't mean that first date sex is a common thing in this country. Be patient.
  2. Don’t try to “buy” them — yes, Venezuela is a developing country, but these women hate it when a man tries to attract them with money.
  3. Do not be late. Women from certain South American countries are always late, but not Venezuelan girls — they don't like it when they have to wait for a man to show up. They also don’t like to be late, so remember it when suiting up for a Venezuela date.


Venezuelan women dating culture is different from the American one, but it's still not that difficult to date a girl from this country. Venezuelan ladies are very beautiful, they have great personalities, and they are very fun and open-minded. So, why not date a cute hottie from Venezuela?

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