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Top 9 Hot Venezuelan Women To Follow On Instagram

We decided to find the hottest Venezuelan influencers and Instagram models who are definitely worth following them.


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Are there celebrities from Venezuela who make all Latinas proud? The shortest answer is “Yes, of course,” but we just won’t stop here. What about Genesis Rodriguez, Dayana Mendoza, Ivian Sarcos, and many, many other sexy Venezuelan women who became famous not only in their homeland but also worldwide? Yes, this nation has much to offer to the world! When it comes to pure Venezuelan beauty, the best can be found on Instagram.

We decided to find not just sexy Venezuelan women. We decided to find the most gorgeous Venezuelan influencers who are definitely worth following them on Instagram. Did we manage to do it? It is up to you. We believe these photos will inspire you to date a Venezuelan bride!

Yeimmy Rodriguez

  • Instagram: @yeimmyoficial
  • Followers: 2.5 million
  • Occupation: model, actress, influencer

Yeimmy Rodriguez is a Venezuelan model, influencer, traveler, and a big fan of social networks and platforms. Due to the hard work, and of course, her natural beauty and talent, she became one of the most popular women in Venezuela. Currently, this girl is becoming more and more famous in other countries, too.

Yeimmy was born in 1992 in Venezuela. Though this hot lady started her career when she was a teen, she did not get everything immediately. Yeimmy Rodriguez worked a lot before she has finally become a model, actress in music videos, and started to feature in TV shows. She participated in beauty contests, played a few roles, but then decided to focus on YouTube and Instagram. Now it is clear that it was the right choice – 2.5 million followers prove it.

hot venezuelan girl Yeimmy Rodriguez
hot venezuelan woman Yeimmy Rodriguez
sexy venezuelan girl Yeimmy Rodriguez
sexy venezuelan woman Yeimmy Rodriguez

Andrea Garcia

Andrea Garcia is one of the absolutely irresistible Venezuelan models who have more than a million followers on Instagram. This lady is very close to 2 million. And we think that she will reach this number pretty soon, just because she has everything to achieve even bigger success.

Andrea Garcia has charisma, pretty face, beautiful hair, and absolutely gorgeous, mind-blowing curvy body. She is a fitness model and does not hesitate to express her sexuality. This Venezuelan girl loves selfies, shorts, and bikinis, so you will hardly get bored if you follow her. Like most other popular Instagram influencers, Andrea knows why people follow her and does not forget to share new posts and stories regularly.

hot venezuelan girl Andrea Garcia
hot venezuelan woman Andrea Garcia
sexy venezuelan girl Andrea Garcia
sexy venezuelan woman Andrea Garcia

Roxana Ventura

Roxana Ventura is considered one of the hottest Venezuelan girls to follow on Instagram. The interesting fact is that she is only 19 years old and has 1.7 million followers. How can such huge success be explained? Firstly, Roxana is beautiful. Yes, we know how it sounds, but it is true! If you do not believe us, just browse her Instagram and look through the pictures she posts.

They are not always super sexy. But she is always super sexy in her photos just because she is 19, she has a beautiful face and naturally beautiful body. Roxana Ventura, also known as Babi, is a promising Venezuelan model and a successful influencer. Whatever the secret of her charm, she has it.

hot venezuelan girl Roxana Ventura
hot venezuelan woman Roxana Ventura
sexy venezuelan woman Roxana Ventura
sexy venezuelan girl Roxana Ventura

Mia Francis

  • Instagram: @mia_francisss
  • Followers: 772 thousand
  • Occupation: fitness model, influencer

Meet one of the sexiest Venezuelan girls, Ms. Mia Francis! This 25-year old lady was born in Venezuela, but now she lives in Miami, US. Like many other influencers, Mia is obsessed with her looks. And she makes every effort to look gorgeous. We must admit that she succeeds – she has that perfect “Latina” body that is considered the most beautiful nowadays.

Moreover, Mia Francis has gorgeous dark long hair, dark brown eyes, and this together makes her completely irresistible. Still, she is not only a beautiful Venezuelan woman but also an interesting personality. For example, she loves art, photography, and of course, enjoys being a model.

hot venezuelan woman Mia Francis
hot venezuelan girl Mia Francis
sexy venezuelan girl Mia Francis
sexy venezuelan womanl Mia Francis

Andrea Valentina Carrillo

  • Instagram: @tinafresa
  • Followers: 551 thousand
  • Occupation: lawyer, ballet dancer, influencer

Frankly, most Instagram models usually have similar professions. They are actresses, models, influencers. And yes, Andrea Valentina Carrillo is pretty much like these hot Venezuelan women. There is a little difference, though. This lady is also a lawyer and a ballet dancer! Yes, she likes luxury and all those beautiful things. Andrea is hot, has beautiful features, and loves good makeup and stylish clothing. But she is a smart and pretty Venezuelan woman. And that is much better than being just a hottie!

This is one of the Instagram accounts that make you stay: she posts a lot of pictures of herself, travels, her food. In other words, the lifestyle photos that look amazing. If you are looking for sexy Venezuelan girls, you should definitely add Andrea Valentina Carrillo to your list!

hot venezuelan girl Andrea Valentina Carrillo
hot venezuelan woman Andrea Valentina Carrillo
sexy venezuelan girl Andrea Valentina Carrillo
hot venezuelan woman Andrea Valentina Carrillo

Isabela Fasanaro

  • Instagram: @isafasanaro
  • Followers: 470 thousand
  • Occupation: model, influencer, TikToker

@isafasanaro or Isabela Fasarano is a Venezuelan model. A fitness model, to be exact. Though she is Venezuelan and proud of it, currently, she is living in Florida. This girl cannot imagine her life without workouts, exercises, an active lifestyle, and all that energy. Maybe that is why one of the famous brands of energetic drinks made her its ambassador.

Please note that if you like super skinny tall models who look like the last thing they ate was broccoli and not something really tasty and nutritious, her Insta is not for you. No, she is not chubby, not at all – this girl just has all those Latina curves that were turned into pure perfection in the gym. Isabela Fasarano often posts photos of herself wearing a bikini, and almost half a million people really appreciate it!

hot venezuelan girl Isabela Fasanaro
hot venezuelan woman Isabela Fasanaro
sexy venezuelan girl Isabela Fasanaro
sexy venezuelan woman Isabela Fasanaro

Betty Marquez

  • Instagram: @thebettybum
  • Followers: 453 thousand
  • Occupation: fitness model, influencer

Generally speaking, you do not need all that detailed info about Betty Marquez to understand what she regularly does. Just take a look at her profile picture, and her beautiful body will tell you more than words would do. She loves it when her butt looks amazing and meets all the Latina beauty standards. You can be surprised to know that this hot Venezuelan girl is a mother – Betty shows her wonderful daughter Zaria in her stories pretty often.

So, why do 453k people follow Betty Marquez on Instagram? You will understand it right after you visit her page. We bet you heard about Latinas’ curves. But this Venezuelan girl has a truly exceptional body, and she does not hesitate to show it.

hot venezuelan girl Betty Marquez
hot venezuelan woman Betty Marquez
sexy venezuelan girl Betty Marquez
sexy venezuelan woman Betty Marquez

Joshanelt Gomez

  • Instagram: @joshanelt
  • Followers: 225 thousand
  • Occupation: businesswoman, model, influencer

There is something special in hot Venezuelan women, a charm that makes them completely irresistible. Maybe, this is a kind of highest level of beauty that makes men go crazy about them. But everything is getting even serious when a girl is not only beautiful, but also smart, well-educated, and confident. All this can be said about the next sexy Venezuelan girl on our list – Joshanelt Gomez.

She is not just another influencer. Joshanelt is a businesswoman who invests her time and money into something bigger than just beauty. She is interested in plenty of things, including interior and fashion design. And yes, Joshanelt Gomes still loves taking selfies and wearing bikinis. There are a lot of amazing pictures to take a look at on her Instagram profile!

hot venezuelan girl Joshanelt Gomez
hot venezuelan woman Joshanelt Gomez
sexy venezuelan girl Joshanelt Gomez
sexy venezuelan woman Joshanelt Gomez


  • Instagram: @lasudaca
  • Followers: 85 thousand
  • Occupation: Instagram model

If you are looking for sexy Venezuelan women living in Madrid, you should definitely take a look at this girl’s profile. Alejandra looks like an angel. But she often emphasizes that she is not as good as she sometimes seems to be. Of course, Alejandra is young and beautiful. Though she does not share too much information about her life, 85 thousand people are following her on Instagram. And we bet this number will constantly grow. After all, we use this platform to see happy, young, attractive, and successful people. We are looking for beauty, aesthetics, and sometimes, erotica. And on Alejandra’s profile, we can find all of them.

hot venezuelan girl Alejandra
hot venezuelan woman Alejandra
sexy venezuelan girl Alejandra
sexy venezuelan woman Alejandra
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