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Top 10 Hot Peruvian Girls To Follow On Instagram

Sultry, Sun-Kissed & Famous: Check Out TOP-10 Sexy Peruvian Girls


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The beauty of Peruvian women is as legendary as Peruvian Machu Picchu. Not only are these women extremely attractive, but they also are very affectionate and passionate. If you see a sparkle in the eyes of a Peruvian girl, you will for sure skip a bit. And these are not just mere words. Twice Peruvian women were recognized as Miss World – in 1967 and 2004, Madeleine Hartog-Bel and María Julia Mantilla respectively. This is proof that the beauty of Peruvian ladies is admired throughout the years. Moreover, two Miss World awards is a huge achievement for the beauty pageant of this scope.

Today it is much easier to keep an eye on sexy Peruvian beauties thanks to social media like Instagram. We know you cannot lose such an opportunity of feasting your eyes with the sultry figures of hot Peruvian girls. That’s why we have surfed the entire Instagram to compile a list of the sexiest Peruvian models and ordinary Peruvian beauties.

Scroll down to check out the photos of extraterrestrially beautiful and sexy Peruvian girls. Who knows, maybe you will fall in love with them and decide to date a Peruvian woman.

Val Cortez

  • Instagram: @val.aroundtheworld
  • Date of birth: March 12, 1990
  • Number of followers: 787k
  • Occupation: Instagram model, travel blogger
  • Current place of living: Peru

Val is a sexy Peruvian bombshell. And we even underestimate her by saying this – she is much more than this. With almost 800k followers on Instagram, Val is perhaps the sexiest travel blogger in the world. Follow her too and you will see China and Val’s boobs, Indonesia and Val’s breasts, Serbia and Val’s chest, Brazil and Val’s melons, Germany and Val’s jubblies, as well as Malaysia, Austria, France, Greece, and many other countries.

Your evenings will stop being boring once you follow this hot Peruvian model. You will probably stare in her beautiful brown eyes, at her brown hair, son kisses skin and of course – that part of her which we have mentioned before around five times in one sentence. Last thing: be careful, don’t break your heart because of her. Val has already got a boyfriend.

hot peruvian girl Val Cortez
hot peruvian woman Val Cortez
pretty peruvian girl Val Cortez
beautiful peruvian girl Val Cortez

Andrea Acuña

  • Instagram: @andrea_acuna_
  • Date of birth: N/A
  • Number of followers: 2.2k
  • Occupation: actress
  • Current place of living: Peru

Andrea is a young and promising Peruvian model. She does not look exotic for Western men, yet she is very hot. This blonde with hazel eyes can make you go crazy just by throwing a look into the camera. Her plump lips look like a juicy cherry and her fair skin is like porcelain. Hot, right?

However, we have bad news for you – she already has a boyfriend and posts photos with him. Yes, and he is the guy who she took to her prom in 2019. So all you can do now is just to stare at the photos of this Peruvian beauty and dreaming that hopefully one day you will meet a lady like this.

Kimberly Sue

  • Instagram: @kimiisu
  • Date of birth: November 13
  • Number of followers: 257k
  • Occupation: model, YouTube blogger
  • Current place of living: Peru

Want to see Peruvian Kim Kardashian? Meet Kimberly Sue – Peruvian model and YouTube blogger with mesmerizing pictures on Instagram. This sexy Peruvian mamacita will steal your breath away with her curves and hazel eyes.

If you like fair-skinned girls, with fair hair with voluptuous bodies, Kim’s account is right for you. Keep scrolling it, until you get lost in multiple photos. Kimberley posts a lot of stuff, but mostly herself. Also, if you get turned on by girls’ long and exotic nails, you should definitely follow Kimberly’s posts, she’s into extravagant manicure too.

hot peruvian girl Kimberly Sue
hot peruvian woman Kimberly Sue
pretty peruvian girl Kimberly Sue
beautiful peruvian girl Kimberly Sue

Ambar Santana

  • Instagram: @ambarsantana.kf
  • Date of birth: N/A
  • Number of followers: 19k
  • Occupation: healthy lifestyle blogger
  • Current place of living: Peru

Ambar started her Instagram not long ago – just in 2019, and she has already gained the attention of over 19k people. How? We also are wondering about this. Ambar is one of the hottest Peruvian girls, a brunette with a very strong and fit body. She posts a lot of photos in bikinis on vacation, in workout outfits, and so on. Although she does not provide any tips for getting a better shape in her posts, you can watch her stories and see how she works out by herself. We are sure you will enjoy it more than anything else!

So, if you are into sporty girls, Ambar is the right girl for you to follow on Instagram.

hot peruvian girl Ambar Santana
hot peruvian woman Ambar Santana
pretty peruvian girl Ambar Santana
beautiful peruvian girl Ambar Santana

Raysa Ortiz

  • Instagram: @raysaortizv
  • Date of birth: August 10, 1995
  • Number of followers: 857k
  • Occupation: actress, singer
  • Current place of living: Peru

Raysa Ortiz is a big star in Peru. She’s a singer and an actress, and, of course, and an amazing woman to follow on social media. This girl has straight dark hair, grey-green eyes, and a very melodic voice. Check out her pinned stories to hear how she sings!

Also, Raysa posts tons of photos in bikinis and sexy dresses. You will like her definitely.

hot peruvian girl Raysa Ortiz
hot peruvian woman Yaslen Clemente
pretty peruvian girl Raysa Ortiz
beautiful peruvian girl Raysa Ortiz

Ivana Yturbe

  • Instagram: @ivanayturbe
  • Date of birth: April 19, 1996
  • Number of followers: 3.2m
  • Occupation: model, TV-host
  • Current place of living: Peru

Who is the next sexy Peruvian girl that we want you to know about? It is of course Ivana Yturbe, a very famous Peruvian model and TV-host. Not just does she have over 3 million followers on Instagram, she also has a verified account, and it’s a big deal.

Many sexy Peruvian women would like to look like her. Just look at her gorgeous hair, beautiful face and perfect, without the hyperbolizing, body.

hot peruvian girl Ivana Yturbe
hot peruvian woman Ivana Yturbe
pretty peruvian girl Ivana Yturbe
beautiful peruvian girl Ivana Yturbe

Ashley Lucero

  • Instagram: @ashleylucero
  • Date of birth: November 23, 1993
  • Number of followers: 883k
  • Occupation: Instagram model
  • Current place of living: Peru

Ashley Lucero is pure sex! Many hot Peruvian women would be scared to stay in one line with her. This Instagram star has almost 900k followers and makes men around the world go crazy with her features. She’s a true bomb, just look at her boobs in those tight clothes!

This Peruvian model has been to Japan, Colombia, the USA, Thailand, and many other countries. She even has got a picture with Jennifer Lopez herself! So by following Ashley on Instagram, you will have a lot to discover and enjoy.

hot peruvian girl Ashley Lucero
hot peruvian woman Ashley Lucero
pretty peruvian girl Ashley Lucero
beautiful peruvian girl Ashley Lucero

Laura Spoya Rullan

  • Instagram: @lauraspoya
  • Date of birth: July 25, 1991
  • Number of followers: 1.8m
  • Occupation: Peruvian TV-host, model and beauty pageant titleholder
  • Current place of living: Peru

Laura is a must in your Instagram list of the hot Peruvian women. She is Miss Peru 2015, she is of Croatia origin, she has the most charming Peruvian smile, she has a great personality and of course, she is gorgeous physically.

But man, back off! She is already a mom and probably will not be happy to have you hit on her. Just enjoy her fascinating pictures and keep your dreams to yourself.

hot peruvian girl Laura Spoya Rullan
hot peruvian woman Laura Spoya Rullan
pretty peruvian girl Laura Spoya Rullan
beautiful peruvian girl Laura Spoya Rullan

Rosangela Espinoza

  • Instagram: @rosangelaeslo
  • Date of birth: July 19, 1989
  • Number of followers: 3.4m
  • Occupation: elite model, healthy lifestyle influencer
  • Current place of living: Peru

Rosangela is perhaps one of the oldest hot Peruvian women in this top, however, this does not take her points away. She is as sexy as MILF. Perfect face, just perfect, cute face. In her 30s, she has a great body. She works out regularly, and you can see that on Instagram.

Probably, she will motivate you to work out with her hotness too!

hot peruvian girl Rosangela Espinoza
hot peruvian woman Rosangela Espinoza
pretty peruvian girl Rosangela Espinoza
beautiful peruvian girl Rosangela Espinoza

Luciana Fuster

  • Instagram: @lucianafusterg
  • Date of birth: January 15, 1999
  • Number of followers: 3.3m
  • Occupation: radio host, influencer
  • Current place of living: Peru

Are you into slim babes? Luciana is one of them. This slim brunette and snow-white smile is one of those hot Peruvian women that you may go crazy about. Why may? You will!

She’s not a simple chick. This sexy Peruvian Instagram model is also a radio host and influencer. You better be careful when dealing with her. She has got 3.3 million fans, and all of them adore her. Catch your moment and adore her too.

hot peruvian girl Luciana Fuster
hot peruvian woman Luciana Fuster
pretty peruvian girl Luciana Fuster
beautiful peruvian girl Luciana Fuster

How did you like these 10 super hot Peruvian girls? E are sure you have followed most of them on Instagram already. All we can say is – good choice, man, good choice!

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