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Guide #5

What is the age difference in mail order bride marriages?

If you want to marry a mail order bride but doubt the age difference, don’t be afraid. The guide can let you know what you should take into account before making an important decision. Follow these steps and get the clearer image of mail order marriage.

Step 1. Think of the personal preferences

The most important factor in your decision is, of course, your opinion. What kind of bride are you looking for? Some men feel better with young girls by their side, some find it more suitable to stay with a mature woman who has more life experience than them. The third category consists of men who like contemporaries. Who are you? And who do you want in your life?

Step 2. Look at the girls online

When you are searching for your mail order bride on the special dating sites, pay attention to the age of the girls online. How old are they? What is the age of the vast majority? If you know this, then it will be easier for you to build up the picture of an average mail order bride. You will probably see that there are a lot of ladies aged 20-35.

Step 3. Know the local norms

Try to explore how old are the mail order brides from the region that you are keen on. For example, you like Latin girls - how old are the mail order brides on the particular website? Read more about the values in the country you search your love in. What is the age difference accepted there? In South America, this range will be up to 15 years, and people will still feel fine.

Step 4. Mind the values

See what is important to you and your partner. What do you put in the first place in your relationship? Sometimes the age doesn’t matter for both, but if it concerns one of the partners, there is a topic to discuss. Try to mind the values of one another to reach the harmony, so no differences, including the age difference, can break your love.

To sum up

Every age difference is good. No age difference is good too. The modern society goes ahead and gets rid of the stereotypes where the age difference between the couple was bad. Always count on what is important to you and build your mail order relationship on positive emotions only, and not someone’s opinion.

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