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how to buy a wife
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Is it possible to buy a wife in Latin America?

Some say you can buy a wife in Latin America. Is it really possible here? To answer that question, we need to clarify the term.

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5 years ago, the number of newlyweds who entered a marriage with a partner of a different ethnicity or race has reached 670,000. This is not just a figure – this is the reflection of the significant social trend – 40 years ago, this number has not even reached 250,000. As for the most popular ethnicities, the largest of interracial/interethnic marriages is the group of non-Hispanic whites married to Hispanics. More precisely, currently, such couples account for about 43% of such marriages.

Simply put, Latinas are incredibly popular in the USA. However, gossips are saying that it can be explained by the fact that a certain number of women who come from Latin/Caribbean countries agree to marry wealthy Americans to gain financial benefit. Mail order brides who come from Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and other countries are considered to be “wives for sale”. Are skeptics right or wrong? Let us find out.

Why do people think they can buy a bride?

This happens because of two things: good old stereotypes (which are connected to some real historical facts, though) and economic situation in most Latin countries.

A few centuries ago, buying a wife was easy. Men sent letters to women living in other states because they needed wives. Women, who agreed to get married to men they did not even meet in person, set the price which was paid to them. They moved to the state of a husband and stayed there – gave birth to children, did household chores, etc. At first, it was an in-country phenomenon, but soon it spread to other countries, too. This is what some people imagine when they hear the term “foreign bride” or “bride cost.”

Now let us move to the economic situation in Latin America and the Caribbean. Without going into detail, it is no good. Though some of the countries showed some economic growth, in most of them it slowed significantly. This, of course, means the living conditions did not improve, and, considering the fact that the rates of labor & marriage migration from these countries to the US were high even before this, it is normal to expect them to grow.

A lot of people believe that these are the reasons why men can find Brazil or Mexican women for sale even now. Of course, it is not possible in the modern world, and we are going to explain why.

Can I buy a wife online?

First, let us clarify what a modern mail order bride is. They are women who have a strong desire to find a foreign husband for a wide range of reasons. They do get any payments from men or dating agencies for communication, let alone the marriage. They join dating sites (for free, usually) voluntarily and use communication services to make contacts and get to know men who seem attractive to them better. They use messaging, video chat, and other ways of communication to achieve their goal – find a good match among foreign singles.

So, how to buy a wife online, asking you? Consequently, no one can purchase a wife online. The definition we provided above contradicts all the stereotypes, and it definitely conflicts with the theory, according to which, poverty and a bad economic situation make women sell themselves. Thus, people who believe it are wrong.

That, of course, is no reason to blame anyone. The facts above are aimed at showing our readers the real situation with Latin brides. Even though the term “mail order bride,” as well as the term “mail order bride cost,” are still used by many people, it does not mean that you can find Mexican, Colombian or Brazilian brides for sale. The only available option is to build a real relationship with one of them.

Latin America, brides for sale – final thoughts

Probably, men will not stop looking for wives for sale. This way of finding a wife seems so easy, but even if it really existed today, it would hardly work for both spouses. Joining a niche site and building a real relationship with a real woman who is interested in you as much as you are interested in her is the only way to find a Latin wife.

So if you're interested in how to buy a mail order bride, we'll answer - it's impossible. Consider this if you want to find a bride in Latin/Caribbean countries: there are no Latin women sales, but there are dating sites where you can meet real girls with their own qualities, dreams, and expectations. Mail order bride statistics are on our side – even figures usually show that people who do not forget about the importance of mutual respect, similar values and understanding live happily, while others fail to build a family. Considering this, the fact that you cannot purchase a bride today seems an advantage and not the downside of the modern world.

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