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Tijuana bride

Brides of Tijuana

Tijuana is not just the city – this is the unique mix of American values, Mexican traditions, and Tijuana rules.

1.3 mln
Country man to woman rate
Unmaried women in 2020
0.2 mln
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1.3 mln
Country man to woman rate
Unmaried women in 2020
0.2 mln
Mail-order-brides in 2020

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Why Tijuana girls’ looks matter

We are not going to pretend that men do not really care about a woman’s looks. They do, and we have some information about Tijuana brides. Here are the three most important things you need to know about beauty and beauty standards in this city:


The absolute majority of girls are naturally beautiful (partly due to the mixed origin).

Hot figures

Curves are trendy there.


Women do not hesitate to show their beautiful bodies and wear crop tops and short skirts.


Makeup & good looking hair are not empty words for local beauties.

tijuana mail order bride


Green or blue contact lenses, bleaching of hair, wearing heels to look taller is trendy among a small part of Tijuana girls for marriage, the rest are proud of their natural beauty and do not want to be someone’s copies.

Are you okay with all these things? If you are, let us move on – beauty is not the only advantage Tijuana girls have.

Top 3 sites to start dating ladies from Tijuana

If you are ready to get to know some local ladies, you better use one of the selected sites. After the careful checks, they appeared to be the best.

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Reasons to marry Tijuana mail order brides or what makes them great wives?

Of course, such overwhelming popularity cannot be explained only by Tijuana women’s beauty. Here are other things that make them irresistible, so let us take a look at the most significant of them.

tijuana lady

Strong desire to have a family

Yes, this is the number 1 thing on our list. We believe this is the most common thing that makes American guys and even men from other western countries marry girls from Tijuana and other Mexican cities – they are smart, beautiful, and ambitious, but this does not make them think that family is not so important. They want to have husbands and kids, and this makes them incredibly attractive in the eyes of single guys ready to settle down.

Cultural differences are not a big deal

The driving distance from San Diego, the USA to Tijuana, Mexico is about 20 miles. A lot of Americans move to Tijuana because rent is much cheaper there. A lot of foreigners live in this city. This is a multicultural place, and though people in Tijuana do everything possible to preserve their traditions, they are also okay with the values and traditions of other cultures.

Talent to care of others

Tijuana is a great place to meet the most caring woman and the most caring mother to your children. Latin, and especially Mexican girls, are famous for their endless care and love they share with others. Maybe, such a role model is not so popular with western girls, but this is a common quality of women in this city.

Passion for life

Almost all people know that Mexican ladies, as well as other Latinas, are very passionate. Yes, that is true, but we still think that some men do not really understand what exactly this world means when it comes to Mexican culture. It is not a passion for men, to food, to dances, or anything else – this is a passion for all these and plenty of other things. This is pure passion for life.

How can this make a Tijuana girl a good wife? Well, we all need someone who would inspire us and cheer us up when we really need it, and nothing is more inspiring than a soulmate who loves life and your presence in it with every fiber of her being.

Tijuana brides – dating rules & recommendations

tijuana beautiful blonde girl

How to do everything right, avoid mistakes and disappointments when dating a Tijuana mail order wife? Here are the most important and useful tips:

Make the first move

As we noted before, Tijuana women believe in traditional values. Taking the lead in a relationship is unacceptable for most of these ladies, so do not hesitate to make the first move, choose the restaurant, simply put, be a real man in her eyes.

Do not try to show her that you know a lot about Mexican culture, because you don’t

Visiting a Mexican resort and buying a sombrero is not enough to understand how things in Mexico and in particular in Tijuana work. Show that you respect the unique culture of Mexican people – that is all you need to do to make a good impression.

Wait (if you know what we mean) until you get really close

No, they do not want to rush things to make you always come back for more. This is not manipulation – this is just a cultural thing. Just keep in mind that a girl from a Tijuana is worth the wait.

She will be late

Just be patient. Mexicans are not really punctual. There is no other way but to accept this.

Romance is important, keep this in mind

You do not need to perform heroic acts in the name of love every day – just be romantic, try to show her how much you appreciate her presence in your life, and she will think you are simply irresistible.

Dating a girl from Tijuana does not seem such a complicated task anymore, right? However, we have another crucially important advice. Just be yourself – she needs to see the real you, and if she falls in love, it will mean that both of you do everything right.


Final thoughts

If you are single, if you think that you need a woman, and if you like everything we said about Tijuana girls, you should try to meet them. If you live in San Diego, this will not be a problem. However, dating and maybe even marrying one of the stunning Tijuana girls makes sense even if you do not live in California. The Internet allows us to do crazy things, so why not use it to meet a Tijuana wife?

These ladies are truly amazing: they are not only great housewives, best mothers, and the most passionate women the world has ever seen – they are also inspiring, kind, and full of life and love. Just consider all the facts about them and their culture and make a decision – after all, you never know if it will work until you try.

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