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LatamDate review
Guide #6

Is mail order bride legal in Latin America?

Some think that “mail order bride” is something forbidden, but, in fact, it isn’t so. The stereotype of this kind of dating should be destroyed, and this guide can give at least 5 good reasons why mail order bride is legal and fine.

Reason 1. Nobody really buys people

It is an expression that should be left in the past, but we still use this ‘buy a bride’ thing. However, you don’t order a bride by mail and don’t pay to get her. What men pay for is the communication services, and it is just as legal as writing messages in social media. A simple interaction with a funny name - how can that be against the law of Latin America?

Reason 2. You communicate on the special sites with real people

Everything on the mail order bride dating websites is organized for people who have a definite communication goal - to find a partner. Very often these online dating stories grow into marriages, and the statistics are generally positive. We can’t deny that is it an impressive tendency, and this way of finding people doesn’t sound criminal at all. There is nothing more than this communication.

Reason 3. The couples do it on the free will

It is not that evil men force poor women to date them, or vice versa. No, all these people came on the sites for a reason, and by their registration, they proved the wish to start the talk. It is sane, fine and absolutely correct. This way of acquaintance is especially comfortable as we talk about an international interaction, and if ladies from Latin American countries want to know men from the Western world, the distance should not stop them.

Reason 4. It doesn’t require physical interaction only

Although some may mistake mail-order bride relations for a kind of interaction where women sleep with men for the money, it isn’t so. The ladies who become mail-order brides have their personal goal and values. They only get it intimate when they want to - just as in any other regular romantic realtions. The only special thing about this kind of dating is that is starts on purpose and online.

Love should face no bounds or borders, that’s why mail order bride dating services are popular. These sites let people be together and find their soulmates no matter what the distance and conditions are. These dating platforms do a beautiful thing, and if you are going to use one, don’t think that you break the law. In fact, you are going a regular communication. It is just that everything was done for the loving hearts to stick together.

To sum up

Mail order bride dating is a regular thing. In fact, it is more of a good than a bad, and it helps men and women from different parts of the world get acquainted and be together despite the distance. There is no law in any Latin American country that would forbid to do so, and if you want to marry a woman from abroad, feel free to do so.

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