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Guide #4

How much does it cost to get a mail order bride?

Getting a mail order bride is not free, and you know it, but is it possible to count the sum you will have to spend on your foreign lady? This guide will tell you what you should take into account, step by step.

Step 1. The site’s services

Special dating services are the most decent way to find a good woman for marriage. Hence, you have to count the average sums you are about to spend on the site’s services. If we count that approximately, then it can be $350-$500 for half a year of the usage. There is no need to hurry, but remember to use a decent dating venue.

Step 2. The kind of lady you want

Some ladies can be easy, but some may ask for the presents and constant signs of attention. Also, if you want a classy woman who has her dignity and won’t fall for a cheap man, prepare to prove your status. Such women can be found on specialized websites. Here the price range is unpredictable. You can either spend $50 or $2000 a month, it all depends on who you want for a wife and what you are ready to give.

Step 3. Travel expenses

Never forget the money you spend on the trip to your mail order bride. They vary depending on your location and destination. Anyway, a couple of thousands of dollars it is, but international love has never been easy. Remembering who and what you are doing it for is the best way to stop stressing out about the money.

Step 4. Local services

When you come to your bride’s country you are likely to need some money for local services like translation, guidance or else. We can’t count that as travel expenses, but it is another step in your budget planning. The sum depends on the length of your stay. Also, if you know the language or the place you might skip this step. However, it is better to remember about this one. It can take up to $30-$100 a day.

Step 5. Assimilation process

When you marry your lady and take her back home, she will need some time and your effort to get used to new things, place, people, and atmosphere. To comfort her and get her acquainted with the local culture you will have to spend some money too. Usually, it is more than men expect, but the sums, again, are very individual. It depends on the difference in your mentalities and other cultural features.

To sum up

The sum of a mail order bride varies based on many factors, but the real average price is about $15000-$30000. It may seem a lot from the first sight, but remember that it is not a one-day payment. You will earn and spend this money for quite a while, and, what’s more important, you will do it for love. Creating a family is a serious step you should be prepared to, so mind your budget and act wisely.

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