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Top 10 Hot Colombian Women To Follow On Instagram

There are too many sexy Colombian girls on Instagram, and we chose the hottest of them!


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What can people say? Some would think that Colombian women are kind, sympathetic, and loving, and they would be right. Some would note that they are wonderful mothers and wives, and they are. However, everyone would mention that a man just cannot resist the beauty and charm of hot Colombian women. Carla Ossa, Sofia Vergara, Shakira, and dozens of other incredibly gorgeous ladies were born in this country. They are very different, and not all of them always meet what people call “Latina beauty standard.” But there is at least one thing they all have in common – they make men worldwide go crazy about them.

Is it easy to find a sexy Colombian girl on the web? Yes, it is super easy. But why not make some effort and find the best of the best, the hottest of the hottest Colombian woman? That is what we thought before we set out to find the top 10 hot Colombian girls on Instagram. Frankly, we did not succeed, but not because there is no one to follow. The thing is there are too many sexy Colombians on Instagram, and we spent a lot of time to choose the sexiest of them and to inspire you to date a Colombian bride!

Nicole Borda

  • Instagram: @nicoleborda
  • Followers: 2.5 million
  • Occupation: bikini and fitness model, influencer

Nicole Borda is one of the most popular hot Colombian girls you can meet on Instagram. To be exact, she was born in Colombia, but her family moved to the US, so she was raised in New York and then moved to Palm Beach County, Florida. So, Nicole can be considered a Colombian-American influencer. But what is so special about her? Why did 2.5 million people decide to follow her?

The reason is simple. Nicole Borda is one of the hottest bikini and fitness models that do not hesitate to post information and photos related to her workouts, meals, lifestyle. Of course, she does not hesitate to share her beautiful bikini looks with her followers, too.

hot colombian girl Nicole Borda
hot colombian woman Nicole Borda
sexy colombian girl Nicole Borda
sexy colombian woman Nicole Borda

Sara Orrego

  • Instagram: @saraorrego
  • Followers: 1.4 million
  • Occupation: model, actress, influencer, blogger

A beautiful 23-year old Colombian girl, Sara Orrego, is one of the most popular influencers in her home country. And she is becoming more and more famous abroad. This sexy Colombian woman started her career recently, as the actress featured in Los Problems (if you like songs in Spanish, you should check it out). But she became really popular after she featured on Playboy and was called a girl with “enigmatic eyes.”

You should really take a look at them – you will hardly forget these beautiful green eyes. However, there is no denying that Insta made her really famous. And Sara Orrego continues to promote her account by posting a lot of interesting content. So, why not check it out?

hot colombian girl Sara Orrego
hot colombian woman Sara Orrego
sexy colombian girl Sara Orrego
sexy colombian woman Sara Orrego

Tru Kait

  • Instagram: @tru.kait
  • Followers: 912 thousand
  • Occupation: adult model, actress

This 22-year-old Colombian girl looks like an angel, but she has a lot of dirty secrets, which, however, make her even more popular. Tru Kait's Instagram account is more than just popular. It has nearly 900k followers considering that she does not share many details about her life.

But this hot Colombian woman shares her super hot photos and even videos that can also be found on other even more popular platforms if you know what we mean. In general, if you like adult content and want to follow some passionate girls who do not hesitate to share provocative pics and more, Tru Kait might be just a perfect choice.

hot colombian girl Tru Kait
hot colombian woman Tru Kait
sexy colombian girl Tru Kait
sexy colombian woman Tru Kait

Valentina Gallego

If you are looking for sexy Colombian girls, you should definitely take a look at Valentina Gallego. This 29-year old model is considered one of the most successful influencers in Colombia and has a lot of followers from other countries. By the way, she does not look exactly like people think a Latina is supposed to look. Valentina is blonde and has green eyes and a pretty skinny body. If you are looking for someone really exotic, here she is!

Her natural beauty, however, is not the only reason to follow her on Instagram. This Colombian model is also an animal activist and designer. Valentina Gallego knows what she wants and gets it, just like her subscribers who get access to tons of hot photos and other types of content.

hot colombian girl Valentina Gallego
hot colombian woman Valentina Gallego
sexy colombian girl Valentina Gallego
sexy colombian woman Valentina Gallego

Paola Duque

  • Instagram: @paola_duque
  • Followers: 437 thousand
  • Occupation: actress, influencer, model

Meet one of the sexiest Colombian women known for her talent and gorgeous curves, Paola Duque. Her most famous works are “Role Prey,“ “Hollow's Ridge,“ and “Scathing.“ This lady was born in Medellin, Colombia, in 1993. Hence, she is 27 years old now, and there is a good chance that her career will be even more successful in the near future.

Paola does not focus on the movie industry only. She has an Instagram account with 437k followers who are the main source of her inspiration, and (we are not going to deny it) her income. She is also a brand ambassador for several companies. All this proves that Paola Duque definitely deserves to be called one of the most famous and successful Colombian women.

hot colombian girl Paola Duque
hot colombian woman Paola Duque
sexy colombian girl Paola Duque
sexy colombian woman Paola Duque

Anabel Ramirez

  • Instagram: @anabelramirez07
  • Followers: 335 thousand
  • Occupation: model, designer, influencer

This 23-year old girl was born and grew up in Medellin, Colombia. Anabel Ramirez has an absolutely gorgeous natural body, and she does not hesitate to post photos of herself in bikini and stylish clothing. Besides, she is a fashion designer, too. In 2017, Anabel even took part in the Miss Fitness competition, and we understand why – this girl looks absolutely gorgeous in anything she wears.

Currently, this Colombian girl not only posts selfies on Instagram but also promotes her own brand. Anabel Ramirez does not share much information on her private life, but there are still a lot of interesting things in her account.

hot colombian girl Anabel Ramirez
hot colombian woman Anabel Ramirez
sexy colombian woman Anabel Ramirez
sexy colombian girl Anabel Ramirez

Jennifer Espinosa

  • Instagram: @jennifer_espinosa
  • Followers: 222 thousand
  • Occupation: influencer, fitness model

If you are looking for young hot Colombian girls, we recommend you take a look at Jennifer Espinosa's profile. This girl is more than 6 years on Instagram, and you can see how she was developing as a beautiful woman and as a personality.

You will hardly see anything except for her on her Insta account – she is not a travel or food blogger. Jennifer Espinosa is a hot Colombian girl who attracts fans of natural beauty. This lady cannot imagine her life without music, fitness, stylish clothes that make her look even more fantastic, and yes, bikinis. A lot of bikinis, actually!

hot colombian girl Jennifer Espinosa
hot colombian woman Jennifer Espinosa
sexy colombian girl Jennifer Espinosa
sexy colombian woman Jennifer Espinosa

Luisa Fernanda

  • Instagram: @luisacasta
  • Followers: 197 thousand
  • Occupation: influencer, model

Who do we have here? Yes, that is right – another model, influencer, and just beautiful sexy Colombian, Ms. Luisa Fernanda! This lady has it all to achieve success on social media: beautiful face, gorgeous, natural body, deep brown eyes, full lips, personality, charisma, and dedication.

Luisa Fernanda is not only a beautiful Colombian girl but also a businesswoman who uses her popularity (currently, there are 197k followers on her Instagram) to promote her own products. She lives an interesting life. If you are looking for hot girls and diverse content, Luisa Fernanda also known as @luisacasta might be a perfect content maker for you!

hot colombian girl Luisa Fernanda
hot colombian woman Luisa Fernanda
sexy colombian girl Luisa Fernanda
sexy colombian woman Luisa Fernanda


  • Instagram: @tata_ace24
  • Followers: 105 thousand
  • Occupation: influencer

A Colombian girl known as Tata has one of the most interesting Instagram accounts to follow. Why? Because you can see a person there. She is a sexy Colombian woman, but she posts something except for her photos in bikinis (this might be the bad news for some guys, but still). Tata posts pictures from travels, interesting places, night clubs, food, family, skies, and woods. And all this makes her page more alive and fun to follow.

By the way, we do not want to say that there are no photos of Tata. You can see tons of them, and that is great. After all, she is a hot Colombian girl. But these pictures are not the only things you can find on her account. This Colombian model is a beginner on Instagram, but we think she has a big future there!

hot colombian girl Tata
hot colombian woman Tata
sexy colombian girl Tata
sexy colombian woman Tata

Maria Fernanda Muriel

  • Instagram: @mafemurielh
  • Followers: 100 thousand
  • Occupation: model

Maria Fernanda Muriel is one of the incredibly beautiful and sophisticated Colombian models on Instagram. Her account is not as popular as pages of girls with fake butts, lips, and breasts, but the best is yet to come. This girl already has 100 thousand real followers on Instagram, and this number is expected to grow.

Maria Fernanda Muriel was born in Medellin, Colombia, in 1994. She became a model and worked with such brands as Soul Intimates, Coco Art Studio, Agua Bendita Swimwear, and many other companies. Maria was also featured in music videos, but modeling remained to be her main occupation and inspiration. Generally speaking, if you are looking for a beautiful Colombian woman with a good taste, personality, and interesting life, she might be the right girl.

hot colombian girl Maria Fernanda Muriel
hot colombian woman Maria Fernanda Muriel
sexy colombian girl Maria Fernanda Muriel
sexy colombian woman Maria Fernanda Muriel
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