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Guide #1

What is a Mail Order Bride?

Not everyone knows what a mail order bride is these days, although the topic is popular worldwide. There are a few steps to the total understanding of this thing, so let’s follow them!

Step 1. The meaning of the term

Who is a woman called a mail order bride? The term says it is a woman who lists herself in a catalog to be chosen for a wife. Generally, today it is a woman who registers on special dating sites to get a foreign husband. You don’t literally ‘order’ the bride, but can choose her among the other women to start a conversation, and later - a relationship.

Step 2. Who are mail order brides?

So what are these women who deliver their destiny to the dating sites? There are a few types of them. Let’s see.

Young ladies

These girls dream to live their life with a foreigner and consider the possibility to relocate to another country for a permanent living. They are interested in fair marriage relations with a man, who can take care of them.

Mature women

These women have already had some life experience, but they don’t lose their hope for a happy family and look for the ways to settle down. They also believe that love can be found anywhere and try to look wider and search for a husband online.

All in all, the women who become mail order brides can be different, but they all have one goal - to establish a relationship with a Western man.

Step 3. How do mail order brides relationships work?

The next step to understanding mail order brides is knowing their motivation to become ones.

They want love and kindness

Everybody wants that, and mail order brides are not an exception. They know that decent men can be found anywhere, so why not look for them abroad?

They know there is something better

Mail order brides might look for a foreigner in the search for a better life. They know that there are men who are ready to enter a relationship, so why not take the chance?

They want a decent husband

In some countries women generally become mature earlier than men, that’s why they become mail order brides and look for a husband elsewhere - they just want a good man to be by their side.

Mail order brides statistics

To make sure that it’s a real and popular thing, study the following:

  • 10 000 mail order bride marriages are fixed in the US every year
  • 80% of these marriages last for years
  • 1 in 6 people in the US is married to a person of different race or ethnicity

To sum up

Having gone through these three steps you know that a mail-order bride is a regular thing in the Western world, and women from different sides of the globe become mail order brides because they want love, a good man, and a better life, all in all. A marriage with such a woman can last long and be happy. You just need to find the right person. And it is possible with the specialized webs

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