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  • Connection with beautiful Latino people in your area
  • Convenient search filters
  • Simple communication tools
  • Value-driven payment plans
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Are you looking for love? What if we told you that you could find it in the arms of a Latino near you? Latino People Meet is a platform that offers these benefits, and much more. Keep reading our Latinopeoplemeet review to find out more about it.

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Pros/Cons of the subscribtion


  • Matches based on your location
  • Easy to navigate and use
  • Affordable premium plans


  • Limited ways to talk to women
  • All means of communication require a premium subscription

LatinoPeopleMeet is the best for you for the 5 reasons:

  1. This is the official dating website launched decades ago.
  2. The company has a lot of experience in the niche.
  3. There is a huge database, thousands of profiles to choose from.
  4. Opportunity to have real-time conversations with hot Latin girls is provided.
  5. 24/7 support is available to all users.

What’s special about Latinopeoplemeet

A unique feature of Latinopeoplemeet is its approach to connecting users. When you sign in, the platform requests your location. It then uses the information to give you suggestions. This approach is in contrast to other platforms that suggest matches based on features like height and body structure.

Another unique thing about the website is the diversity of women on the site. Even though it’s a platform primarily for Latinos, it contains different kinds of people. Latinos are very diverse people, and this diversity is captured on the platform.

At first glance

The first impression you get from Latino People Meet is that it’s different from many other dating platforms you might have encountered. Its interface is geared towards pairing you with a lady as quickly as possible. You can tell from the way your dashboard is structured and the ease of reaching out to other members.

latinopeoplemeet main page

The site is also easy to navigate. You can find every feature that relates to you on your dashboard, and you won’t need to stumble around before doing what you need to do. Also, communication features are readily available on the profiles of every member you meet. Because this is common practice across social platforms, it’s easy to overlook just how intuitive the approach is.

Creating an account

To create an account on the website, all you have to do is visit the website and follow the steps. The whole process is easy, effortless and very smooth. Many users don’t even notice where the account opening ends, and the networking begins! The process commences when you’re prompted for your name, age, and sexual preferences. You’ll also need to use an email and provide a password.

latinopeoplemeet registration

From there, you’ll receive a suggestion to beef up your profile by adding details like a profile picture and a personal description. If you have trouble selecting a photo, you can import one from your Facebook profile.

Simple tips to improve your profile

Though the website provides an opportunity to upload a profile pic and provide some basic details in minutes, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of the information ladies see in your profile. That’s why we recommend spending more time on improving your profile. How can you do it? Follow these simple tips:

  • Upload more pictures, and not the only profile pic
  • Choose good but realistic photos
  • Provide all the info that is important for you, education, religion, etc.
  • Feel free to tell what you want from a lady

Note that honesty and details are the best when it comes to online dating, so don’t just skip this step.

Finding ladies

There are many ways to find ladies on Latinopeoplemeet. As mentioned earlier, your dashboard is going to be filled with suggestions of women based on your location. This makes it very easy for you to connect with the ladies online and offline. What’s interesting is that this view is also the results of a rudimentary search query. You can alter parameters like the zip code and age of women in the search filters to change your results.

latinopeoplemeet search

You can also use keywords to find ladies. These keywords are cross-referenced with ladies’ profiles to find the best matches for you. Finally, you can play a game-like activity called “matches”. Also accessible from the dashboard, matches shows you profiles of ladies one after the other. You can like or dislike the profiles and your answers are used to tailor future suggestions.

Talking with other members

There is one primary way to talk to ladies on the platform, and that’s via messages. You can send and receive messages as often as you want, and from as many women as you want. There are other communication channels, but these are quite basic. They include sending flirts and viewing a profile. Flirts are simply notifications that you can send to a lady to indicate interest in her.

latinopeoplemeet profile

Viewing a profile might not seem like a significant point except for the fact that members can tell when their profiles are viewed by others. In this way, you can also let women know that you like them.

Mobile application

Currently, this dating platform doesn’t have a mobile application. However, the platform is growing every day, and a mobile app may already be underway. In the meantime, you can connect from your phone by using an up-to-date browser like chrome or opera. The interface is very similar to what you see on a PC and you’ll have no problems replying messages or connecting with new members.

Features for free users

As a free user on Latinopeoplemeet, there’s only so much you can do. However, you still have enough access to explore the website and see if it’s right for you. Here are some of the things you can do on the platform as a free user:

  1. Create a profile
  2. Upload photos and other personal details
  3. Find women
  4. Get matched with other users
  5. Send flirts
latinopeoplemeet flirt

Features for premium users

Only premium users can enjoy the benefits of the website. The premium subscription can be billed monthly, quarterly or biannually. The monthly plan costs $13.99, the quarterly plan costs $26.97 (billed $8.99 per month), and the biannual plan costs $38.94 (billed $6.49 per month). The biannual plan has the best value.

1 month
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3 months
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6 months
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The benefits of the premium plan include:

  • Ability to read and send messages
  • Ability to see who sent you flirts
  • Ability to see who marked you as a favorite on their profile
latinopeoplemeet payments

The website accepts numerous payments, including Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover. Premium subscriptions are automatically billed, which means that your card will be charged the same amount once the current plan expires.

Customer support

Latinopeoplemeet has customer support staff that are available to meet your needs 24/7. Although you might not need it. The site has pages that explain all its features, legal terms and guidelines in a very comprehensive manner. You’re also bound to find information on everything from accessing your profile to modifying your subscription plans. However, if you need to ask specific questions, customer support is available. They can respond to your enquiries within 24 hours.

User Friendly:7.2/10
Amount of Profiles:8.2/10
Customer Support:7.6/10
Reasonable Price:8/10

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How do I cancel recurring payments?

The website activates recurrent payments by default to give you a seamless experience when meeting people. However, you can cancel the recurring payments by visiting your profile settings. Here, you can also add a new payment method or change your subscription plan.

How can I terminate my account?

For security reasons, you can only terminate your Latino People Meet account three business days from the opening date. This means that you can’t open an account and close it immediately; you need to wait for three business days. If you subscribed via an external service like Google Play, you’ll have to cancel your subscription through the same service.

What payment plan is best?

As we told in the Latino People Meet review, here are three payment plans, and they get cheaper as you extend the validity of your payment. While the monthly plan is easier to pay, the biannual plan holds more value. The plan you choose should depend primarily on your current financial position.

Why is it important to complete my profile setup?

The world of online dating is littered with scammers and fraudsters. Most of these persons use skeleton profiles – profiles with incomplete details – to trick users. As a result, providing as much information as you can give your account credibility. It will also help other users relate with you.

Does Latinopeoplemeet grant refunds?

The website does not grant refunds under most circumstances. Therefore, you should be conscious of your purchases and plans. You should also cancel any recurrent billings if you don’t want them charged to your account.


The most alluring thing about this platform is its ability to link you with the people closest to you. This way, you can continue your relationship offline and hopefully start something wonderful. The other great thing about it is its ease of use. This really shines through when you think about how seamless the transition from registration to exploring the platform is.

Latinopeoplemeet promises to connect singles, but it ends up delivering so much more. It is recommended for anyone looking to meet Latinos around them.

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