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How to find a mail order bride
Guide #2

How To Find A Mail Order Bride On A Latin Dating Site

Finding a mail order bride can be a challenge if you don’t know how to do it exactly. The guide of 5 simple steps can be your key to ‘happily ever after’.

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Latin America is a land of incredibly beautiful women known for its tempting curves and bright personalities. If you wonder how to find a mail order bride online, you can find quick steps below. Explore the peculiarities of Latin women with our guide.

So you want a Latina bride

Mail-order bride services are an effective dating method and a perfect fit for the busy lifestyles of modern people, which is proven by growing mail order bride statistics. According to official data, the number of foreign brides in the United States increased by 35,881 in 2019. Also, Travel.State.Gov states that in 2019 Latin America is in second place with 8,425 brides, beaten only by Asians in the first place with 15,386 new brides coming into the US.

Over the past 20 years, we can see the growth of Asian brides by 1,9 times, European brides by 1,5 times and Latin brides by more than 3 times. Those numbers prove that Latin women are the most desired.

Choose one of the best Latin mail order bride countries

To choose a perfect partner you should pick a specific dating destination. Latin America is huge, but what is the best country to find a mail order bride?

Here are the top 5 mail order bride countries that are the most popular among American men and the number of new mail order brides in 2019 (according to Travel.State.Gov):

  1. Mexico — 1,676 brides
  2. Dominican Republic — 1,270 brides
  3. Brazil — 1,065 brides
  4. Colombia — 1,014 brides
  5. Haiti — 687 brides

Besides, Brazil and Venezuela have the most significant bride growth over the past 20 years. However, Cuba, Chile, and Guyana have a slight decrease in immigrated brides.

Choose the way how to get a mail order bride

You may still wonder how to get a mail order bride from Latin America? There are two options available: in person or online. RapidVisa recently published independent research that provides statistics showing that over the past 30 years, K-1 visa issues have increased by 75%. Over 55% of K-1 applicants met online, and 45% of respondents report having some in-person interaction during vacation, business trip, military reasons, etc.

Despite the high chances of meeting a Latin bride in real life, online dating is still much easier. Benefits of finding mail order bride online include:

  • On average an American spends $243 a year on online dating, which is cheaper than IRL one
  • Easy to use wherever you are
  • Wider choice of stunning brides
  • Available to anyone 24/7
  • You do not need to wait for a vacation to use a dating site

Contrary to common belief, online dating is not limited to dating sites. Even though dating websites are the most popular way to find a mail order bride, there are many other ways to meet someone special online. For example, here are some stats on other popular dating places:

  • social media — 17,7% (Facebook (83%), Instagram (8.4 %), and Twitter (1.7 %))
  • chat app — 3,2%
  • gaming — 2.2% (World of Warcraft (8.9%), League of Legends (5.4%), Game War (5.4%))

Choose trusted mail order bride sites

When choosing a bride from a specific region like Latin America, it is better to give preference to regional dating sites. According to statistics, 19.3% of couples met at regional dating sites versus 12.5% at regular ones, making it more effective.

Top 5 common dating sites of March 2020

The most popular dating sites of March 2020 are,,,, OkCupid. But only the last one from the top 5 is where Americans managed to find Latin brides. That is why the majority of them found regional sites more helpful. The top-5 Latin dating sites include:

To choose a reliable option you can either register on a few regional Latin dating sites or visit to read complete reviews. You can find the main services of the reviewed dating site that usually include correspondence, instant messaging, regular and video calls, CamShare, and other communication methods. Some platforms have pay per use system where you pay only for the number of services you use, some offer a monthly subscription. The simplest monthly membership costs $9.99. Also, reviews can help you explore extra features like giving gifts. Those can be both virtual and real, or it can be, for example, flower delivery. The price will depend on the particular thing you choose. Note that there are no 100% safe dating sites. Despite the level of security measures, you should always be aware of risks and look for the safest ways to have a pleasant experience with dating online.

Create a profile and choose a woman

If you want to find a mail order bride, your next step is to register on the dating site of your choice. To find the most suitable partner, it is recommended to fill in all the fields of your profile. Also, do not neglect initial matching questionnaires, which usually consist of various questions about your lifestyle and preference for women. They are very helpful as the site makes suggestions and sends matches based on the information you provide. Besides, don’t forget about profile photos, as 71% of users find it an essential factor when choosing.

After registration, you can start looking for a partner right away or wait for someone to write first. To find a suitable Latin bride, you can use:

  1. Search tools — Basic search filters that are usually free and have limited search criteria, or you can use the advanced search that doesn’t have limitations. You can filter brides according to their age, location, marital status, languages they speak, and more.
  2. Matchmaker services — Such service is a personal matchmaking session, where complex personality surveys and mathematical algorithms are used to pair off singles for dates. The result is a list of suitable candidates based on compatibility.

Tips for choosing a Latin bride online

  • Pay attention to active profiles that are informative.
  • Consider your preferences.
  • Don’t pick profiles without photos.
  • Take your time to Google the photo of your potential date to check if her photos are real and she is not pretending to be someone else.
  • Catfishing is a real thing — so ask for some extra photos or try to talk on VideoCall if possible.
  • Be aware of scams — don’t send money to any members.

Start a communication

Quality communication is key to a successful online dating experience. To start, you can use any on-site communication tool. Usually, they include chat, “Say Hi!” feature, winks, etc. The first contact is, as a rule, free, but then you have to pay for further communication or buy a subscription. If you are worried about the quality of conversation due to the language barrier, you shouldn't be. Modern dating sites offer professional online translation.

After the first acquaintance, you can start using other features of the site:

  • Phone Call — You can hear the voice of your bride, close to IRL communication.
  • VideoChat — You have the benefits of phone calls, but you can also see your Latin beauty.
  • Sending and receiving photos and videos — Nice way to get to know each other.
  • Flower and gift delivery — a great romantic gesture.

Interesting facts about online dating communication

  1. Men view 3 times as many profiles as women.
  2. Men are 3.2 times more likely to initiate a conversation than women.
  3. 81% of online daters reported inaccurate information on their profile. About 60% lied about weight, 48% — height, and 19% — age.

What are the best questions to ask a foreign bride?

  • If you have something in common — “So, I saw that you’re a dancer. I also got some moves. Save me a dance?”
  • You may play off your differences — So you like Pop music? I’m more of a Rap guy, but I guess we can still try to be friends.
  • Make her laugh — “I see you’re a pizza fan: pineapple or no pineapple? No pressure, but this might be a deal-breaker.”

Getting To Know Each Other:

  • What do you like to do in your free time?
  • What do you do for a living?
  • What is your favourite food/movie/sports, etc.?
  • Are you more a cat or a dog person?
  • If you were choosing between saving 1 family member or 5 strangers, who would you pick?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • What makes you happy?

Start to build a relationship

The next step is to see your gorgeous Latin bride in person. To do that, grooms usually fly to the native country of their wife-to-be. Potential expenses include:

  • Tickets from the USA to Latin America — $550 (average round-trip price to Brazil)
  • Hotel accommodation — $450 (4-star hotel for 2 weeks)
  • Dates — An average date in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil costs $70

If your relationship with a stunning Latin lady goes well, there are two options available:

  1. Get married in the bride’s country (you will need Marriage Visa to move to the US)
  2. Get married in the USA (then get a Fiancé Visa)


So, the answer to how to get a mail order wife is now clear. The easiest and cheapest way is regional dating sites. To make it even easier — choose and get a comprehensive rating and reviews. No need to re-read long guides, find a simple scheme for seeking a partner online below.

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